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May 2014
I am surely not an artist,
For I can’t paint or draw,
Nor am I a singer,
I sound far from clean and raw.
Geometry is not fun to me,
For I dislike angles and sides,
I will never be an accountant,
Or a phenomenal  surfer,
The fear of high waves and tides.
I will never be a chef,
I can’t cook a simply little meal,
I can’t jazz dance well,
Failure, I sometimes feel.
I am no cartoonist,
I never and will never take drugs,
Vile and grotesque suits them,
I’ve never smoked or drank,
Or put salt on slugs.
I don’t like breakfast,
I loathe being sick,
I dislike unfriendly people,
I am not fond of waking up early,
I don’t like reading long novels,
Nor comprehending difficult ones;
I hate poetry that doesn’t rhyme,
It puts pressure on me, tons.
I am not greedy,
I am not self-centered,
Success if far from what I feel,
This is negativity I’ve now entered.
This is NOT me,
This will never be me,
I am myself and nothing more,
I am difficult as you see.
Shari Forman
Written by
Shari Forman  New York
(New York)   
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