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May 2014
I went straight to sleep,
My mood,
In good shape,
When all of a sudden,
I had just looked at an ape!
He was about to scratch me,
When I pulled my arm away,
Out of the ordinary,
I had heard the sound,
It was a horse,
He was going to fall on me,
I had just moved away,
I had shouted out,
“Let me be”!
A man had dropped in,
Smiling in horror,
He had strangely backed away,
Going farther and farther.
Just then,
A tiger jumped in,
He growled at me,
And had bitten me,
Just like a sharp pin.
Some singer from the dead,
Had somehow made me sing,
I now had had her voice,
And it was definitely,
Not a choice.
When suddenly,
There was music,
That blew an eardrum out,
I had felt dead right now,
And had just wanted to shout!
Two identical monsters,
Air standing on my dressers,
All this was stirring,
In my brain,
And I had to let out,
All of the pain.
I had began crying,
And ran--- fast,
When suddenly,
A snake gave me a span.
The snake was made with poison,
And was about to bite me,
When I had yelled,
“Let me free!”
I had awoken,
With a bruised knee.
I had remembered at school,
I had fell
But was no serious injury,
I could compel.
I was relieved,
Yet mainly scared,
What I had just flashed back,
Was a horror nightmare.
Shari Forman
Written by
Shari Forman  New York
(New York)   
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