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Shalini Ray May 2014
Moths vying for light
In darkness
Killing for the spotlight
They want to get to the light
Don't they know that the bulb they vie for
Will burn those puny insects to their inevitable deaths?
There is no dignity in dying
No one is a martyr here.
One moment of enlightenment
Overwhelms the need to exist
Moths don't try to exist
They need to reach their delusion of Life
The Light
And the ones who reach the light,look at the ones who don't
Opening their mouths to warn
Just as they die
Moths don't see,do they?
But they recognise light.
Shalini Ray May 2014
Last night,I dreamt that you were gone
In a light so blinding I stood there holding that doll you gave me
in my arm
last night,I saw my dad cry
I have never seen him cry,you see
so I asked him why
He looked at me,and I remember how scared,how hopeless he looked
I did not know why
so I asked him again
and he made me say goodbye
to you
Last night,they told me you were asleep
all the sleeping pills you had taken would finally help you shut your eyes
they told me you were in a better place
and you will always smile
and you would never grow old
like peter pan
I don’t know why but I felt like you had taken something of mine
When you left for wherever you went
In a hurry,leaving a shadow behind
which breathed even if you did not
It was not really last night
It has been 15 years which have passed in hazy blurry dream
That shadow still remains
And You are still in that land,the place where everyone sleeps
And no one grows up
But I did
I see the world
And Now I understand why
Why you had to die
To escape
Why you wound up so deep
I hope now you fly
because Last night,I think I cried in my sleep
Shalini Ray May 2014
What does it take for you to see me?
Because I am running all out here
Not of ideas,or ways to momentarily impress you
But rather of having to come up with ideas to
when others like me do it so effortlessly
What does it say about me?
Am I so insignificant that again and again I have to walk through fire to be called immune or pure?
Am I so worthless that my worth is only decided by minutes and seconds of glory
And then when it is over-- what am I?
Just something you look through but smile
Just someone who you think is 'nice'
But you don't think that either, do you?
A thought of me doesn't fleet through your mind unless you need to cross a country
and I am the temporary island on the ocean
People stay there like they stay in dreams
They always leave
But they never leave me untouched
What am I?
Just a moth desperately vying for light.
An incandescent ray of the candle
To far
Too far
Shalini Ray Apr 2014
There is a whisper only she can hear,
A dark world she keeps going back to
Dragon tribes,with dragon people
Breathe smoke and fire
Soot stained lungs and ****** rivers
She goes by the sleeping forests
Where at night, the voices sing
They say if the voices in your head match the ones outside
The 'Silence' is restored
A shadowy spell
Which in turn restores the balance of the wintery lands
And cause the Blood filled rivers to divert themselves
And mix their water with the alcoholic rain.
Once you go to the tree of delusion
It's fruits,more addictive than manna dew
She says they are drugs to her soul
And after spending a day or two
Or maybe a year
She returns to our world
Just to slip back again
Shalini Ray Mar 2014
Iron rods that a prisoner clings on to
Metal,as his only link to reality
Bars that once forced him into the pits of confinement
are now his only promise of hope
Through each gap between the bars
He once again breathes;a free man
His calloused fingers run on the cold metal
and what once was his life flashes before his eyes
He shuts them close
He trembles back to the darkness of his cell
Those metal bars taunt him through out the night
Shalini Ray Mar 2014
You live through me,don't you?
You breathe through every pore in me
You are not made of skin,streched on a skeleton
You are much more vivid than I will ever be
Yet it was I who thought you in my mind
It was I who drew you by my hands
It was I who built you brick by brick,stone by stone
And now I am a mere sandcastle in the yard of a concrete home
You stayed by me while I lost my sleep
You made me feel special when they ignored me
You gave me reason to justify the leap
and though you gave me so much
I never realised how much you took from me
Now it is I who lives within you
A kindred bond that binds us two
I guess like all creations you exceeded your creator
But now when I die,you will die with me
This poem means a lot to me.Opinions ?
Shalini Ray Mar 2014
Watching life pass me by
On the streets
Cars rushing past red lights
No one stops at zebra crossings anymore
The subway tunnel yawns
Graffitis on either side
Earth trembles as a train passes over
And in the silence that follows
Deathly as it seems
I see on the wall the words
'Are you happy?'
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