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May 2014
What does it take for you to see me?
Because I am running all out here
Not of ideas,or ways to momentarily impress you
But rather of having to come up with ideas to
when others like me do it so effortlessly
What does it say about me?
Am I so insignificant that again and again I have to walk through fire to be called immune or pure?
Am I so worthless that my worth is only decided by minutes and seconds of glory
And then when it is over-- what am I?
Just something you look through but smile
Just someone who you think is 'nice'
But you don't think that either, do you?
A thought of me doesn't fleet through your mind unless you need to cross a country
and I am the temporary island on the ocean
People stay there like they stay in dreams
They always leave
But they never leave me untouched
What am I?
Just a moth desperately vying for light.
An incandescent ray of the candle
To far
Too far
Shalini Ray
Written by
Shalini Ray
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