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May 2014
Last night,I dreamt that you were gone
In a light so blinding I stood there holding that doll you gave me
in my arm
last night,I saw my dad cry
I have never seen him cry,you see
so I asked him why
He looked at me,and I remember how scared,how hopeless he looked
I did not know why
so I asked him again
and he made me say goodbye
to you
Last night,they told me you were asleep
all the sleeping pills you had taken would finally help you shut your eyes
they told me you were in a better place
and you will always smile
and you would never grow old
like peter pan
I don’t know why but I felt like you had taken something of mine
When you left for wherever you went
In a hurry,leaving a shadow behind
which breathed even if you did not
It was not really last night
It has been 15 years which have passed in hazy blurry dream
That shadow still remains
And You are still in that land,the place where everyone sleeps
And no one grows up
But I did
I see the world
And Now I understand why
Why you had to die
To escape
Why you wound up so deep
I hope now you fly
because Last night,I think I cried in my sleep
Shalini Ray
Written by
Shalini Ray
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