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Shalini Ray Mar 2014
Disturbed mind
empty heart
draining our blood
from our veins
flowing freely
in a delicate network
falling into despair
bones streching skin
so much smoke
and dust layered mirrors
we fall again
and it ***** out
from us our momentary hope
says so much.
Shalini Ray Mar 2014
Simple were the times
When we walked in the dark
Yet knew no darkness
Lost but thought we could ignite a spark

Simple were the times
When we knew no pain
A bleeding scar- a physical wound
Not a method to keep us sane

Simple were the times
When we laughed and cried
Knew not what it was to be broken
Thought everything could be fixed if tried

Simple were the times
When we were complete strangers
Yet knew not we were strange
Blissfully ignorant of worldly dangers

Simple were the Times
When we feared death
What it was to perish or die
What is was to forget
Long time
Shalini Ray Feb 2014
When life leaves a body
where does it go?
Somewhere in the fields
when farmers sow?
or in the meadows
where the cattles graze
maybe it hides in the sickle
the reaper holds
or maybe on the roof tops of tall buildings
or in a secluded place.
Does it pass through the crowds
whistling past the hair of a ******* the phone?
Or gets caught in windchimes
playing strange tones
maybe it goes in the infant
newly born
or goes in the aisle
where love is sworn
maybe it falls out in the tears cried alone
or whispers in the wind which are never known
where does life go once it leaves a body?
Does it go to a new place,a new farm,perhaps a new city
or does it travel with a man to eternity.
Shalini Ray Jan 2014
She mustered all the courage she had
Putting aside all the anger she had showed
Throwing away all her insecurities
Just as he started walking away
She said real slowly
'Don't you love me anymore?'
And he said no

Day after day,night after night
He came to her room
Turned off the light
Only the stars were witnesses to her silent screams
And that night he came again
To touch her but this time in vain
For she got up and screamed no

Her lips were like petals
Which were now withering
The cigarette smoke slowly darkening
Her insides were burnt
But he her loved her so
Then he decided
When she picked up that cigarette
He held her hand and he said no

Her body was scarred
Perhaps her mind was more
You see she drew on her skin
She who once seeked light
Now with darkness was akin
When she stood on the railing
Her mother told her 'don't go'
But she said *no
These are different segments about different people who said 'no' for some reason or the other
Shalini Ray Jan 2014
Unspoken words,whispers and mummers
She takes a whiff,smoke rising from her lips
And she blows them softly away
Those tattoos on her arms
Those scars on her wrists
Each tell a story,she is a running history
Wind blowing on her face
She laughs those scandals away
Her lipstick slightly smudged
Her hair falls loosely on her shoulder
He watches her in awe
She is a bird so free
On the other side of everything he has seen
He wants to hold her
She wants to be held
She wants to be used
She wants to be loved and then abused
Unspoken words,whispers and mummers
They slowly spin out of sight
Not talking tonight
For some reason I wish I could add stuff to this poem.Any suggestions?
Shalini Ray Jan 2014
There were four of them
They were  puppets of his skilled hands
The joker
The lovers
And the dreamer
Day after day Night after Night
He made them dance
And oh men clapped,a children screamed
But the puppets were slowly wearing away
Losing their game
Until one fateful night the Dreamer said
'We need to break free,we need to break free'
The lovers looked at each other and smiled
'Where ever you go there go,I'
The joker,the funny little joker
Actually cried 'I can't take it,I want to die!'
And so it was decided
They would break free
Or die fighting this mutiny
Strings break
Loyalties shift
Broken limbs
Broken spirits
Despite all the odds they broke free
Run to the out side world
Just to see,the puppeteer was himself a puppet
Of greater strings
And them breaking free was just part of the show
They had just shift from a smaller cage
To a bigger one,indeed
Shalini Ray Dec 2013
We traced back word by word
Scar by scar
Tearing love
Blaming stars
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