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shaffenstein Aug 2014
What I wanted to say
on Saturday as we sat
on the park bench,
chatting idly about
the way crocuses grow,
was I don’t know when
we started to pretend
the cup was still full,
how we didn’t notice
the train jumping the tracks,
if going back was
still an option.

And I thought then,
as we discussed the
profuse bloom of the
crocuses in June,
how very strange it was
for a flower to need the
dark chill of winter
just as much as the sun.
And even though you laughed,
I thought maybe,
if we mixed the good
with the bad,
we’d have a chance
to grow.
shaffenstein Aug 2014
Let's rise high on violet,
breathe in indigo skies,
taste deep maroon magenta,
blueberry pie.
Slide down with me
beneath the olive green
and tread through turquoise,
sweet aquamarine.
On goldenrod
let's softly trod
and wade through streams
of rich, rusted bronze.
We'll dance in pools
of electric blue
and splash our knees
in the velvet azul.
Let's kneel and drink
from rivers of red,
sip crimson and cranberry
to open our heads.
We'll submerge our souls
in tangerine gold---
won't you take my hand
down this rainbow road?
Another oldie. Another goodie.
shaffenstein Aug 2014
To the boats that have yet
to sail and dock,
to lines and meters
and hands on a clock,
to color that's caught
on the artist's smock,
to childhood memories
and building blocks.
Here's to the rain
that pebbles your face,
to the circus and clowns
and lions in cage,
to the hero, his journey,
and a damsel to save,
to dreams that are seen
on the crest of a wave.
A salute to the trees
and the air and the ground,
to the violin strings
and their doleful sound.
Drink to the sphere
and it's on-going round--
This one's for the lost
who will someday be Found.
shaffenstein Aug 2014
"Don't forget to remember me"
I said with broken eyes,
'Cause twenty-six hours tonight
Is longer than my whole life.
And I swear I'll never place you
In a bag labeled regret,
For the times we shared
When you were near
Are all I'll never forget.

It was late one humid, hazy night
When you first held my hand.
We smoked upon my rooftop,
Talked of all our future plans.
And you wondered if I loved you
Like I loved all of the rest,
'Cause you said I was your first,
wondered if you were my best.

Your embrace became the guidelines
For any other who might come,
But if it's anyone but you,
I swear I'd rather be alone.
Now I'm thinking of you darling
As I lay awake in bed,
And wond'ring if that bus ride
kept me warm inside your head.

Yes, our Monday came too quickly,
It slipped past our first kiss,
It numbed all of our memories,
Left pale and whitened fists.
Yet as we sat upon that rooftop,
It was perfection we defined,
And I promise, with due time,
Again it will be you and I.

So sweetie, don't you worry,
I'm not going anywhere;
Anytime you need me,
Just remember I'll be there.
Like those nights upon my roof top,
The ones we can't forget;
Honey, you can't be the first--
But you're better than the best.
Another old poem...another old flame.
shaffenstein Aug 2014
My pale, painted hands scan your cover,
fingertips greeting one another.
But plastic lines separate restless lovers,
like devotion's some kind of prison
that robs
these raining eyes of all vision.
It's my eyes and your story now,
like a work of fiction.
You are the main character
with the most meticulous description.
If your pages could talk,
would they speak to me,
whispering honesty
through their bindings?
Like an elegant verse,
a sanguine drink,
I devour your text,
leaving my hands
the deepest red of ink.
And, oh, how I want to believe
(just make me believe)
you'll reserve space for me
in your biography.
And if you could,
make it convincing.
'Cause you're so stunning--
I've never seen you look so well,
knees drawn upon my windowsill.
You are the only book worth reading,
so try not to deceive me,

I bleed easily.
One of my first poems about my first love. Circa 2004.
shaffenstein Aug 2014
My Green Eyes on a high rise
Sends me sailing through a breeze;
A zephyr of perfection
Brings me softly to my knees.
Before you I am naked,
Shrouded only by your kiss;
You guard precious possessions
As your lips encounter hip.
Slowly sinking, wond'ring, thinking
How love so quick occurred,
We weld ourselves together
Both with touch and endless word.

Oh, Green Eyes, it's your smile,
You guide me to my home--
A place so fresh and garden green
Beneath your skin and bone.
Your fingers on my fingers
Send me gasping to the floor,
Your whisper in my ear
Makes me shiver, plead for more.
Sprawled and tangled, move as one,
A deep seductive mess,
A most primal instinct
Each time we do undress.

Dear Green Eyes, you epitomize
The strength of human heart;
Through days of doubt and worry
You blindly brave the dark.
An though you walk straight on your own,
Although you know your way,
I'll be the 'X' that marks the spot
If ever you should stray.
So Green Eyes, please try,
Remember this verse:
From the depths of my soul
Your green eyes I do thirst.
This is an old piece about an old flame.
shaffenstein Aug 2014
I want to see you dance,
Let your hair fall to your knees.
Twist beneath a summer sky,
Catch a flowing breeze.
Lay softly in the meadow
'Pon the velvet green of grass;
Sink into the soil,
Let the earth caress your back.
Sing a song to swallows
High atop a shaded limb,
Whisper where the fishes
Beneath the river swim.
Loaf atop the mountain,
Feel the rock upon your feet--
Watch the sun fade to the moon
And hope they someday meet.
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