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TreadingWater  Jun 2016
TreadingWater Jun 2016
O <youknow> the words
sound so simple
~Letting ~you ~~~    go
but; ha¡ there you are¡
In. My. Skin.
& it's a ''knee ''****
a {{back {bend
a hair 》pull
purple bruise
| paper | cut |
spl/it/tin/g /cel/l/s
unwish-those-wishes° the° moon°
& back a _ gain
you're in [you're in] you're in
left < to < face
the GReater truth:
there is no
                   UnDo > you.
TreadingWater Jun 2016
can't keep your hands
yet i know  <youknow>
i'm so rarely On. your. mind.
you _ keep _ youself _ so
you have-so-little-time
be | smashme | tween
i ~make  ~you ~sing
i<breathe<you> back> to> life
& once it's. Done.
you {back}step
while i'm busy
...//...mark. ing. .. //. ..   mine...
be | smashme |tween = smash me inbetween
kiera  May 2014
i don't know
kiera May 2014
you know
you know
you know.
do you?
know you
wonk uoy
wkno ouy
wky oyu
why you?

Delton Peele Feb 5
Instantly ..........
I became a fool
And I knew
A billion people
Now for me
There is only you
jeffrey conyers Sep 2012
The strangest thing about a relationship.
Is we don't try to read our lover.
Least that what we claim.

But signs are there about them.
If we only pay attention.
If he's or she is jealous.
It shows.
The moment you turn your head.
And they through truth.
Or denial starts to imagine things.

This off and on signs of love.
Is a honest warning to yourself.
That they are not the one.

Especially, if they first you claim to love.
Cause this is when this self possession comes.
You know.
Yes, you know their mean streaks.
Those that tries to use scriptures to keep you in check.

You know them that requires you to be checked.
And, if you don't.
You best believe your friends does.

They know.
Because they have seen all the times.
When your face does and doesn't glow.
Yes, they know.
Because more likely they will tell you so.

Mainly, because these "I told you"so.
Aren't afraid to tell know.
TreadingWater  Aug 2016
TreadingWater Aug 2016
believe me
i _ know _ how _ sure
i fell for whoever i
think. you. are.
face it; darling
you know
Soooo.  Ooooo many
>>give >> lessssss
for so¡ much¡ more¡
{certainly romance is dead}
you just. stopped. keeping. score.
so convinced//broken// is
i guess five-hundred
to ex》plore》
how the. time. spent.
it just ^meant ^more
& i know #youknow
& you wouldn't
let | it | show
did¿ you ever¿
ask yourself
Rhymey timey
Callie  Oct 2013
Callie Oct 2013

— The End —