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Maria Rodriguez Sep 2012
Sometimes I wish I could simply stop thinking.
Stop all the thouhts that are whizzing around in my brain.
Stop all the worrying and pointless self-indulgent fantasies
   That creep through my head.
I wish that I could have some sense of peace or at least  be content with myself.
To not be embaressed or selfconscious.
To all ways wonder what others think of me.
To not constantly wonder... whats wrong with me.
To simply stop everything.
All these false hopes and
   stupid wishes only hurt me more later
They build me up so high...  
And then I fall.
I pick myself up and try so very hard not to let it happen again
But no matter what I do
It still happens.
And each time it gets worse and worse.
I hardly have enough time to mend before I'm falling again.
Until finally I just stop getting up.
Laying there broken with my stupid thoughts
Wishing they would simply stop
Aug. 23,2012
Jude kyrie Sep 2015
The velvet touch

I was so in love with you.
When you made love to me
I would write invisible
love letters on your skin.
poetry on your lips
and my name on your fingertips.

I loved how you were selfconscious
You complained your teeth were not
white enough.
but I would write love poems
about the warmth
that fell from your smile
like purest sunlight.
I could rest in your smile
for hours.

I loved your eyes
deep and dark
like drowning pools.
I would keep my eyes open
as we kissed
to look into heaven
just for a moment.

I loved your gentleness
how you touched me so softly
as though I would break
like a fragile eggshell.

What I did not know
was you were a writer as well
and when you left
you had written poetry
all over my body
but it was not written
with your fingertips
but indellibly
like the needle
of a tatoo artist.

And even when I just think
of of letting you go from my heart
I read one of the poems
you wrote on my skin.
and my fragile eggshell heart
is shattered and crushed
by someone with a velvet touch.
Kate Copeland  Feb 2019
Kate Copeland Feb 2019
The reason I feel that insecure when you
take my picture is that -
apart from you taking
forever and me
getting over-selfconscious -
my image is stored for always.

— The End —