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Maria Rodriguez Jan 2015
I found someone that doesn't want to fix me
Someone that doesn't want me to be perfect "because perfect is boring"
That finds me wonderful just the way I am
That doesn't want me to cover my cracks and scars
And when I ask why I'm told that they make me who I am and he     doesn't want me to be anyone else
I don't know how I got so lucky to find my guy,
But I am so glad I finally did
He's not perfect, but he's exactly right for me
He doesn't want me to be perfect
He just wants me
He makes me laugh and smile
Most of all he makes me happy.
Even if I could, I wouldn't change my past because then I might not be  here with my guy
And I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.
Jan 13,2015
Maria Rodriguez Sep 2014
You see the smile,
You hear the laughter.
I show you who I wish I was.
Not who I am.
You don't see my tears.
You don't hear my sobs.
I don't show you, what I really am.
I hide all my broken pieces.
I hide my tears and smother my sobs.
Mostly though,
I hide me
Maria Rodriguez Sep 2014
Songs about Hate, about Hope.
Songs about Love, about Life.
Songs about Heartache.
Songs about Everything.
Songs that make you Laugh
Songs that make you Cry.
Songs to calm your Nerves.
Songs to heal your Aching Heart.
Songs, so many songs.
They are everything.
Giving you another chance to start over.
I'm falling apart,
So I play another song to help me fix my broken heart.
Maria Rodriguez Nov 2013
I can't look at you
without seeing him.

I can't look at you
without remembering.

I can't look at you
without everything haunting me.

I can't look at you.
I just can't look at you.
Maria Rodriguez Nov 2013
Pop the top,
take a drink.

Sit back, relax,
close your eyes.
All is well.

Pop the top,
take a drink.

Let your drink
slide down your throat
to wash away your day.

Pop the top,
take a drink.

Just one more.
It doesn't matter.
Not with a drink in your hand.

Pop the top,
take a drink.

One last drink.
Just one more.
Always one more.

Pop the top,
take a good look.

Is this what I've become?
Always needing one more,
taking one more drink
to numb the pain.

Pop the top,
pour it down the drain.

One more drink
will make me numb,
but it won't change a thing.

Pop the top.

Close your eyes,
take a breath.

It's gonna be alright.
It's gonna be ok.

Let it out.

Pop the top,
not on a bottle,
but on your emotions.

Pop the top,
let it out.

Let the memories,
be washed away,
with one last good-bye.

Pop the top,
put it down,
walk away.
Maria Rodriguez Oct 2013
I'm afraid to get close to you
I'm afraid to open up to you
I'm afraid to let you in
I'm afraid that when I wake up
       you won't be there
I'm afraid this was all just a dream
I'm afraid that this was real
I'm afraid that you'll realize
       you can do so much better
I'm afraid to let you see the real me
I'm afraid I won't be good enough
I'm afraid you'll leave me
       and take my heart with you
I'm afraid to hold you close but
I'm also afraid to let you go
I'm afraid of it all
But mostly
I'm afraid I'll never meet you
I'm afraid you don't exist
I'm so afraid
Maria Rodriguez Oct 2013
I'm being eaten alive
from the inside out.
i can feel it
It's oozing and festering
trying to consume me.
I close my eyes
and I can see it
this little monster
growing bigger by the day
Glowing eyes,
a grin filled with mischief
covered in pus and boils
It's filled with
my rage and sorrow.
it feeds off of all my negative emotions.
I try to hide it
to close it off from the rest of me.
It just makes it worse
I'm afraid to let it out
but it's boiling over
it's consuming me
Eating me alive from the inside out
Until I am nothing.
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