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zebra  Aug 2018
The Witches
zebra Aug 2018
the witches
they don't take no ****

feminists with a wand
made from a femur
wrapped in ***** hair,
fingernails, and spit

not good little passive girls
although amused by a good spanking
for laughs that titillate
from a red wicked dicked old man
with slippery fireballs
like a spicy cherry pepper
that slurps filths coves
through a black tongue
and open-mawed bite

******'s queens
oiled torsos and bond fires
drenched ornaments for laughing snakes
that spread like spider webs
while the whips flash licks
hells tender blood kiss

insatiable prayers
******* rituals
mixed like bones in broth
with intricate sigils and saliva red
menstruum her holy sacrament
that shapeshift crones into young girls prancing
and bind water to stones

her spell can ***** your skull
like a mules kick
and melt your eyes
like nuclear skies

the witches
they don't take no ****
BJ Donovan Dec 2018
It's a burlesque fan dancer teasing to
keep you in your seat hoping for more.
Maybe a ****** or ***** hair or thigh
or finally appreciation of your poetry.
trending - don't get your hopes up.
Johnny Noiπ Sep 2018
moved by the sight of the desert, as they call it,
was not unable to meet ladies living; south
True hold guns radio jack sand lover
the muses, his natural fate of alchemy,
to inflame the pregnant stripper
enervated by the choir of the story of Eve, good-looking
she towers fell sweaty public caught
a gypsy band rolling & kissing him
glass sleep monster in the corner, Bob Einstein
bring down the winds sat sight unmoved, call undetected desert meeting live ladies south true hold guns, radio, jack, sand lover Alchemy fate muses ****** in flames, pregnant strippers;
skinny watch cute play dance fell goddesses & sweaty public caught roll gypsy kissing him bandage glass sleep corner a monster of Bob Einstein's, & bring hither downward to the winds,
he who sat in the Chinese wear was a stranger,
an angel of the temple of the power of a dog,
leaves to the light, to speak to the queen of the medical part of the look
here the spirit of the second planet in the middle
of the corporate thy life to night & there were
the bars of the natural to die; a start to the table,
the girl, the shore of the letter, I will eat meat slim
it is to stand, greater than the ox those whom true,
took her by the waves of the contrary, the mountains,
the deep, the center of a witch, his clothes, impedes
a teenage ***** almost 30 feet wide, they burst out
& stood ***** for the *******-directed his march to the knees of the happy; a thing without a desire for the return of the sun, cutting the course of the mad customers of Asia, Douay-Rheims
I was a Chinese wear angel
The dog leaves the temple power lights
Queen medical; hey, talk about the spirit
The planet second half corporate;
you tonight leading natural dying bare
 already starting to read the table of the ******* the shore
& it is true or a greater slim food stand
held nearly opposite wave mountains,
volcanoes belched deep center witch
a teenage ***** 30 wide his clothes,
Without the speed stood ***** weaned
I madly desire to 'knees, directed his march to Asia,
the merit of the move before the call cannot
When meeting with south
Radio guns hold true jack of sand lover
Muses natural weird alchemy
flame running a pregnant stripper,
skinny and dancing the story of Eve looks good;
public sweaty & trapped as the towers fell;
a gypsy band roll kissing
a dragon in the corner, Bob glass sleeper,
Einstein bringing wind seated in front of emotion stored in countless lived ladies aglow seized guns radio Maecenas arena love Alchemy fate of devotion to flames pregnant stripper; lean watch [cute story] northwest fell goddesses & sweaty ***** trapped volume Glory kiss bandage glass lie down on the monster boy by Einstein & leading to the bottom of the winds, sat down on the Chinese people having lived as a foreigner the angel of the temple of the power of the dog the things of the light, as it were, the queen of a physician, a part of this spirit, in the planet, the appearance of the second ones the middle of the night the soul of the body's natural barriers, and there you shall die, from the start to the table to the girl, on the beach, in the literal sense: I have meat to eat slim, much greater than the ox that whom the truths, he took it away from the waves, on the contrary, in the mountains, down into the depths, in the middle of a witch, clothes impede a teenage *****, & almost 30, the width of rage burst out, and stood, for the *******-way to the knees of the blessed, a thing without a vow, return of the sun, intersects the circle at the insanity of the conversion of customers to Asia, to the Latin Rotherham
I was a fallen angel Chinese
The dog control leaves the temple lights
Queen medical hey talk about the spirit
The planet second half corporate
this very night, the bars of nature leadeth you to die;
begins at once to the shore, the girl's law regarding the table;
Let it be true that the more moderate diet
near the mountain opposite Sea holds
witch volcanoes belched deep center
30 out of *****, clothes, teenage,
Without the speed of the bare child is weaned
The insane desire of the knees of a journey to Asia,
James will return a happy developer
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