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David Ayres Jun 2014
Comic relief
Cosmic disbelief
Cosmetic grief
Cosmopolitan relief
David Ayres Jun 2014
If only I had freedom for every bird
a right for every wrong
a first for every third
a voice for every song
a guitar for every pick
a reason for every rhyme
a solution for every problem that needs fixed
a time for every clock that's broken
a blender for every heart in the mix
a game for every token
a laugh for every joke
an audience for every word spoken
a high for every low
speech for every interaction
fire for every ****
a Princess Peach for every Mario
a reaction for every action
gain for all that's lacking
a smile for every pain
a cat for every dog barking
if only I had this for that
David Ayres Jun 2014
If there's one guy who should be banned and shunned from the ranks of society, it should be me. Thanks for agreeing with this stark reality. I'm the worst entity in my entirety. I've zero decency and no need for your sympathy. This sentient being of notoriety shattered the window of existence, screaming with just a demeaning smirk. Gleaming, flirting skirts of variety pass by the dark and ***** corners where I lurk. Just know that I hold no spark of sanity, only humanity's vanity. No silver platter or flattery I will hand about and offer thee. Nothing really matters anyway. People scatter and shout aloud in the fray. They scowl, scoff, spit, spatter, and cough in my general direction. Take a clear look in the mirror of dismay. The only truth you see is the bilateral reflection of a dramatical radical. Blessed by the heart, cursed by the mind as collateral. Below grey skies, I'll cast my line of terror into the lake of your tears. Will you bite and be bitten with lies? Will the bitter night overrun you with fears and the deer hear your cries? Not a chance. Take your stance and take heed of my arrival in the vicinity. Indeed, your survival is a mystery. Ar first glance, I'm public enemy number one and the ****-storm cloud insanely raining frightening lightening upon your fun parade every sunny, Summer-day. Romance the idea of petitions being signed with instructions. Enhanced, grammatical weapons of destruction are lined and designed by the hunter to mark me into your history books. Look at my nefariousness with shaky knees and restless soul, until this crook's reign of misfortune has plundered the toll. I am the troll controlling this area. This bridge of ignorance you roll under is where I raise mass hysteria. I'm an unleashed beast with Master status, Grade A disaster, and hunger whose here to take care of ya. Awakened from slumber, here's some flashy, hysterical, lyrical, *** full of diarrhea ******* on your hopes and dreams, now crashed and torn asunder. What number and blunder will perform next on the screen? You will forever wonder.
David Ayres May 2014
Claim the heart that will love.
Blame the name that will hate.
Tame the soul that will rise above.
Fame the hand that will save.
A game of life so grand, never lost nor won, is fate.
David Ayres May 2014
Universe, tell me if my heart is not in the right place. To the right, I see nothing but darkness, hatred and despair. To the left, I see light, love, and freedom. Seems to me that I've traversed both, far and wide.

Streets of shattered hopes and dreams where the woeful child lays and stares wistfully at a tattered photograph of his parents, who were killed in a drunk driving accident, paints a morbid scene. Foreboding Cumulonimbus clouds lurk on the horizon. Gunshots, screams, and sirens seem to be the soundtrack emanating from billboard signs. Another deal gone sour, another price to pay and blood is the answer?
All these I have felt inside.
Universe, tell me this is not the way.

Fields of alluring gardens where the virtuous man toils, not one cloud hangs about, not even streaks of Cirrus to be seen. Sunbeam-smiles and happy helping hands weave together a different, joyful dream. Scents of lavender, lilies of the field, and lilacs caress the nostrils of laughing children flying their hope-woven kites. The meek and elderly's presence being acknowledged by the passing stranger's good graces is currently being filmed on reality's big screen down by Lover's Lake.
All these I have felt, too.
Universe, this is surely where I belong.

Universe, this is the song that needs sung.
Universe, I knew you were with me all along.
Universe, I'll breathe you into lung until my work here is done.
David Ayres May 2014
Some think of me as an iconic idiot.
Therefore, I am.
Others think of me as a gentleman and a scholar.
Therefore, I am.
There are those that think of me as a pervert and a fool.
Therefore, I am.
Various people think of me as the big bad wolf out to terrorize the sheeple.  
Therefore, I am.
A myriad of folk think of me as always willing to lend a helping hand.  
Therefore, I am.
Many think of me as just that guy that loves pretty much everything.  
Therefore, I am just that guy.
Roll all this up into one big ball and you get a human being.
I am.
David Ayres May 2014
Having loved and lived more than many, you're one that has feared and toiled in the garden of life. This garden that is now untended, dried, and withered; a vast wasteland, littered with cigarette butts, broken beer bottles, used condoms, and bullet casings. Those seeds of ruin are sowed by your very own callous hands of destruction. Once, golden opportunities and golden showers were warm and comforting, till you realized you were being ****** on by weak hearts and failing bladders. An ongoing stream of liquored up nights, self-loathing heathens, and rotten misanthropes now have you bowing to the porcelain gods beside a freshly dug grave, fit for your honor. One more shot is what you want, finely driving that final nail into your coffin of a liver. Feeling flushed and torn, nobody will be bringing you flowers, you wilted oaf.  A half-eaten vegetable, you are. Left with nothing more than skin and bone,  there's a sign that sustenance has not been a friend of indulgence.
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