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Maria Oct 2010
Purple has always been my favorite color.
Mixed with Red, the color of passion,
And Blue, the color of dreams.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved purple.
“Dark purple” I would add, “With sparkles”
I had to specify, and toss in a cute giggle.

I was so young then. So innocent and naïve
I didn’t know that purple could symbolize something
Something like peoples’ rights.

That was back in the days when “gay” was just a word
Often appearing in Christmas songs
I always knew it to mean, “happy.”

So, when I heard that two men were gay
I was happy, because that must mean that
They’re happy.

When I got older, I learned that happy as those men may be
Others weren’t happy for them.
People weren’t happy that these men were gay.

I never saw anything wrong with it.
I was not gay, but I was supportive.
I didn’t care what other people liked.

Then the term, “bisexual” came up
And that blew my mind.
People could like men and women?

No! I was straight! Of course I was.
I didn’t like women, but I didn’t care if you did
I liked men. That was that.

And then there came the fatal attraction
Nearing me towards bisexuality,
And I embraced it.

All of the sudden, I liked men and women.
Without even realizing that it was in me,
I realized I liked them.

My mother was shocked, but supportive.
My father was the same.
My brother still doesn’t know.

My friends were all excited for me.
Some were confused.
Even a year after realizing it, some couldn’t tell.

Some thought I was joking. Some still do.
But nope, I was not.
I was bisexual.

I grew up Catholic, and I knew
That God loved all his children,
And every creature great and small.

And I believe this;
If God made me, wouldn’t he want me to be happy
With whoever I want?

If Heaven is that cold,
Then maybe I want to be cradled
In the warm fires of Hell.

If God is our father
Satan is our Uncle
Our gay uncle apparently.

Man. Woman. I just don’t care,
So long as they love me for me
And I love them for them,

I couldn’t be happier.
One day I will find someone, but I don’t know
If it will be a male or female.

But it will be someone.
And I will always wave the purple flag proud.
Free and happy.
True story.
Maria Aug 2010
Marie Annette
Marie Annette
Sits quietly in the corner
Hands folded in her lap

Steadfast face, and eyes of glass
Her skin made of the finest china
Her hair is faux, and her lips are painted
And her dress is the softest silk

Marie Annette is sitting alone in the dark
Waiting for someone to pull her strings
It doesn’t matter who her master is
She will follow him blindly

Marie Annette lives up to her name
For like a puppet she moves ever so frigidly
Doing whatever dance her puppeteer asks of her
No matter what task he wants

If he says “jump” she doesn’t even ask
How high she needs to go
She merely thrusts herself right in the air,
Obedient Marie Annette

With just a flick of his finger
Marie Annette goes through fire and flood
And if her master commands her so
Marie Annette will spill some blood

Pull her strings, oh Master
Pull her strings tonight
Make your puppet dance
She loves you master, treat her right

Use her, but treat her tenderly
Control her, but be gentle
Take her away, but to a happy place
**** her, but love her too

Marie, Marie, Marie Annette
Tiny, petite, lovely young thing
Marionette, Marionette, Marionette
She’s all alone in this show

That is exactly how love is
Life is a marionette puppet show
Lovers are Marie and Master
**Together Forever
Maria Aug 2010
I shudder in the night
I’ve lost my vision
I can’t even see my own hand
In front of my face

I feel frightened
Because I don’t know what is out there
I’m freaking out
Because I don’t know what’s after me

But then all of a sudden
I see something in the distance
A small spot of white
Getting bigger and bigger

I reach out my hand
And feel the warmth of the light
It gets larger and larger
As I get closer and closer

Soon the light engulfs me
Surrounding me with its wondrous warmth
Bathing me in sun-kissed joy
I feel nothing but ecstasy

Into the light
Out of the dark

*. Dark
The light is starting to be too much
It is beginning to blind me as it surrounds me
Even more, so much that it’s almost suffocating
I want nothing more than to get out of this smothering blindness

I sense something crawling behind me
Something inky black, waiting to take me
It coils its way around me
Like a snake to a small bird

Tight around my chest, it’s hard to breathe
The wind is knocked out of my lungs
I try to kick or punch, but I’m *******
I go to scream, but I can’t

Fear begins to take over as I am pulled back
Back into the darkness from whence I came
But now I begin to relax, my muscles unclench
I ease back into my dark paradise.  

Out of the light
And into the dark
Maria Aug 2010
The meadow is green and goes for miles
The river sparkles under the sunlight
All the forests are enchanted
And all the creatures are at peace
Welcome to my world

The thoughts swirl and twist
Everything moves quickly
Like rapid little rodents
Trying to save their own hides
Welcome to my mind

This place is dark but hopeful
This place is wild but tame
This place is horrid but beautiful
This place is paradoxical, but it is exactly what it seems
Welcome to my soul

Full of love and hope
Trying to reach out and share it with others
Trying to find the place where it truly belongs
Trying to find its other half
Welcome to my heart

Welcome to my world
Maria Aug 2010
We are all human, with a heart that pumps blood into our bodies,
As well as emotions, love and hate into our systems
Red, warm, thick
For war or for peace, accident or destruction

Dagger of the assassin or scalpel of the surgeon
Glistening with the red warmth,
To take a life or to save a life
To bring anguish, or one last chance of hope

The pain of the torture
The lust for revenge
The hunger for carnage
Or the need of slaughter

As genocide spills the blood of the innocent
And justice takes care of the guilty
Injury, causing an untimely demise
And ****** takes the lives of the meek

Human blood causes human fear
Humans are the ones who cut the final thread
We shatter the mirror, and float away on shadow-like boats of death
When the heart stops beating, the breath stops, and the blood runs dry

— The End —