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Brittney T  Feb 2018
Brittney T Feb 2018
Tiny paws thud over to a food dish.
Crunch crunch crunch
Half asleep, a grin spreads across my face.
Little chirps meet my ears
Before I feel the bed shift
Under the smallest amount of weight.
The pitch of her purr makes my heart reverberate.
I open my eyes as she climbs onto my chest
And rubs a furry little face against my neck.
The little ball of fluff settles in and
We fall asleep.
I rescued Kida in early December. She was a stray that would walk up on our porch. My dad was bringing groceries in and she strolled right in past our big dogs. That's when I fell in love. The first night she after she had been cleared by the vet to come in she crawled right into my bed and fell asleep with me.
Kida Price  May 2015
Kida Price May 2015
Crazy now
Craving now
Standing by
And bracing now
Shall I stand
Or be forced to bow?
I'm starting
To get anxious now
Bleeding teeth
I'm smiling now
It hurts
But I'll keep on trying now
I'd hate
To disappoint the crowd
But I can't keep it from showing now
Tell me that you hate me now
Kick me back and berate me now
Prove me right
And be a pal
And shut the door behind you now
I'm living hard
And fighting now
I've seen some things
I'm grown up now
If you dare
Just ask me how
I have some stories
To tell you now
Let's have fun and forget it now
I'm not going back
Or even forward now
I'm spinning within myself
Right now
I don't even hear you now
Pick apart my brain
Tell me I'm insane
Give me one good reason
To let me out again
I scratch and claw now
I don't give a **** now
I hide behind my eyes
And I want to be front seat driver now
Beware to those who love me now
You're gunna get the worst now
I'll look the same
Have the exact name
And not even know who's talking to you now
It's only a matter of time now
I've almost worn her down now
Then I'll step in
And release her sins
Upon those who used her now
Come on now
Get ready to play now
I'm not out yet
But I'm warning you now

— The End —