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Gary Brocks Aug 2018
Verse 1

Why do I have this haunted feeling?
Something is moving in the shadows.
Working secretly tides flow,
as night steals past the day.
A voice is singing to silence,
a thousand petals falling windblown,
the still earth will lie strange, unknown,
a tolling bell brings on the night.

In the fullness of a falling tear,
In the garden of remembered time,
In the silence sung before the song,
Life will find you there.

Verse 2

What moves a fallen leaf to swirling?
Couples are speaking words of love songs.
In the hour of the dawn's glow
a rose will scent the night.
Moonbeams will stir the waving waters,
while feathered wings caress the breezes,
and your heart sings to pierce the dark,
a falling star will shed it’s light...

In the fullness of a falling tear,
In the garden of remembered time,
In the silence sung before the song,
Life will find you there.

With the turning of the heaven's sky,
With the dancing of the seasons by,
With the yielding of your lover's sigh,
Life will find you there,
Life will find you there

When the darkness spreads from near to far,
In the cascade of a falling star
In the motion of a bird in flight
In the sweetness of your lovers light
With the beating of your yearning heart...

Copyright © 2007 Gary Brocks

This is a love poem to life, after almost losing mine.
While American in sensibility, this poem is an homage to Portuguese Fado music.
It has been has set to music by Jesse Elder: THE GARDEN OF TIME, Lyrics GARY BROCKS, Music JESSE ELDER
An unmixed studio recording (Gary Brocks, Vocals; Jesse Elder, Piano) is available by contacting Gary Brocks.
Tina's flag was clean because she was tidy & patriotic for her entire
life, even on picnics, even on life-support. Her uncle fought negroes
in Pittsburgh when he was a cop many years ago before tar-apes be-
came law-abiding and everybody loved him a lot. 13 years ago Tina
had an abortion that made her tiny Tina box off-puttingly ****** &
less lurid & torrid to Universal actors, even dead Butch and Buddy,
who died for the sins of Jesus or Mazda or some other fuddy-duddy
with a sticky wicket stuck up his Hershey highway exit because the
asphalt is thin & the ******-up roads in Centralia are hot & muddy.
Our orange wine bottles are brimming with white wine corked with
proper wine council of Ontario-approved-wine-bottle corks because
even the clinically-normal feline behavior of common house cats is
so utterly baffling to university animal behaviorists so as to compel
them to scratch their *****-stretched anuses with plastic salad forks.
I washed my pet goose Brutus in G.E.'s new H.E. washing machine
today. He drowned & his body was horribly mangled. I'll never buy
a G.E. product again. Their geese-laundering appliances hurt geese.
I want a romantic woman who has a mature sense of self-doubt & a
cruel, vengeful nature. She must be tall or bald with one extra *** to
attract attention. She must be incontinent with good fluid retention.
The totem pole that Lizzy Warren maintains in her back-40 licks it-
self surely for angels to spit wafers, **** Quakers & ****** fondue-
fakers. Cocked up on coke, Lizzy slung her silky ******* across the
railing as being easy when la luna was fooling was her only failing.
Listening to a pagan eating pizza on a ***** plate seems beyond any
fortune-told fate. It's a messy, month-old-menstrual discharge that is
the 1 that's the 1 that's late; the 1 pushy sac from a tamponade state.
My gimpy ****'s **** love makes him my too-true-blue love dove
mate, who would never keep me for long in a kennel or a dog crate,
or to lure a cheap-**** skate, or to depress my Portuguese fado fate.
I can see your scalp where hair used to be. It's shiny and **** like a
pig before a Humane Society-approved slaughter, like black Provo,
Utah Mormon cannibals baptizing Rosemary's 11-day-old daughter.
Quack ablation surgery of an acoustic schwannoma offed my sickly 81-year-old mother in '17, because allopathical quackery is morbid- ly obscene. American hospitals are filthier than the **** of Britain's
queen, entailing the ***** majora & her ****/**** patch in between.
6 ****** college graduates inched their way up the rubber path that
was erected 4 hours ago above the watery canal's penetrative wrath.

— The End —