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Akira Chinen Feb 2018
They lay in bed breathing easy breaths of exhaustion with their fingers locking their palms in a gently kiss, his eyes starting deeply into the universe of colors in hers and softly he spoke, “I feel that I have loved you longer than I have known life, longer than I have been... I can’t remember a day or time that my heart did not know or sing your name, I can’t recall a memory that you are not a part of... as if I have loved you from within my mothers womb all the way to this very’s as if we never meet... as if somehow we just always were.  Tell me, is it true... have you always been here, here in my heart... from it’s very first beat?”, he asked as he moved their hands over the middle of his chest where his heart sang below.  “Or are you just a dream... or am I?  Is any of this real?”
“I am not just a dream... I am Dream, I am all dreams... I am the dream of all the stars wishing to be made of flesh and I am the dream of every child wishing they could fly.  I am the dream of every god wishing they were never given names.  I am the dream of the salt and the blood swimming in the sea and I am the dream of every grain of sand and every leaf floating on the wind... and it is all real, as real as you and I, every dream every whispered, every dream sown into every wish... and you... you are more than just a dream... you are my first love and my last love, always, you are the time in every moment of every breath of everything I do... I can not exist or live without you and you do not live without my dream of loving you... and Life is our child, all life, and we give life dreams and love and time and let it run wild and free.  We are tied to each other in mystery and magic and knowing of things that can’t be known or spoken... We exist for an eternity together and then in a moment we are gone and we sleep and we rest and all goes quite and not a thing is dreamt and time does not move or exist while we sleep...”
“And what of our love while we sleep?”
“It watches over us and keeps us safe.”
“Do we come back... do we wake up again... will we remember?”
“Yes and no and yes... you will be Time and I will be Dream again... in the time ahead, and we will live and love and dream and give life to dreams and dreams to life and time and love to both... it will all be different and it will all feel the same and this will and will not be true but it will never be a lie... a new story for a new Dream and a new Time, as there is always a time before now and a time ahead of now... but for now we will rest and sleep and love will keep us safe.”
He went to speak again and she gently pushed a finger to his lips and without making a sound Dream said, “shhhhhh... sleep, sleep Time, sleep...”
And Dream and Time slept and the time of now was gone and love sighed and sat and watched and yawned knowing what could not be known or spoken and smiled to know that the circle would come round again and Life would be born from Dream and Time and love would be there waiting to be given and shared and lost and found and broken and healed and it would laugh when it could and it would cry when it needed and no matter what, it would always be there as a part of Life and Time and Dream.
Hadrian Veska May 2017
Three and four times
Delved down in the mind
Wether their dreams or another's
They did not know for sure

Somewhere in those depths
Of distant realities and mindless dreams
Lies the greatest truth of all
Which is what those beings sought

Once human but no longer
Did they search their dreams
And the dreams of sleeping gods
To secure that ancient knowledge

But the further their sorceries brought them
The madder they became
Until nigh all of them succumbed
To a dark sickness of the mind

Trapped within those lost and sable dreams
Do those inhumans yet remain
Having forgotten the very thing
Their broken minds searched for

Should you encounter one of them
Those ancient weavers of dreams
Be careful that you are not also dragged down
Into that madness along with them
Akira Chinen Jun 2016
In all my lonely rage
  I dreamed myslf alive
But I was still alone
So I dreamed a thousand dreams
  And they dreamed a thousand more
And their dreams gave birth to death
And death gave birth to life
And life gave birth to love
And love gave birth to blood
And blood gave birth to war
And war gave birth to man
And man was the first disease
  We ever found in dreams
So the dreams and I went back to sleep
  And we slept a thousand years
  And we will sleep withou a single dream
  Until this disease has died away
And we have learned to never
  Dream of man
    And mans
      Terrible ways
From an on and off project/story I have been working on in the background of everything else I'm working on, currently titled "DreamWeavers"
Akira Chinen Jul 2016
In tallest tower keeps
Dreams of lovers sleep
Made of words and ink
Above the mountains
Where dragons fly
Songs of you and I
Castle clouds and pillow stars
No hope out of reach
Where the dreamweavers never sleep
Lay down worries
Put tears away
In this tower love will always stay
The climb is a simple one
Click your heels or make a wish
It is just a dream away
A dream both old and new
A dream forged from heavens breath
A dream of me and you
Spider spinning webs
Up, down and sideways stretches
Dreamweavers  we are.
Antony Glaser Jun 2018
Sleep is like sludge
once you get stuck
it draws you in.

Dreamweavers are dusky,
storm voyeurs.
You never can get enough,
once it takes you over.
Ayn  Jul 2020
Ayn Jul 2020
Spiders weaving golden threads,
Through our dreams
And around our silent heads.
The life running through our hair,
Attracting dreamweavers to our minds.

But all it takes is a bit of a bite,
And the once golden thread,
devolves to red,
And the once lavish life,
Disintegrates to lead.
I find your lost words
Kind of appealing, I love how you found yourself
In the wrong places, and ended up at the broken places
With the traces of the past, hanging like fearful destiny
That you don't want to come back to, a morning sickness
A glorified dream, just forget it when you go to retirement
Sleep comes when the money stops
Misanthropes following tropes of evidence
Conclusively positing them as logical statements
Seen the resourcefulness of people, conclusively work
I'm pretty sure, they work under flickering lights
Trimming and trespassing, savage gardens under lighthouses
Right under same old blue, and the turquoise shells
That hang on your shelf, like dreamweavers of blue embers
The breaths of the wind, touching your skin moonlit
You moonlight as the nighttime savior, bringing tsunamis
Washing out daydreams, and people looking at the blue sea
Sea green is where the horizon is, the turbulent tempests of thunderous storms
Stream of consciousness doesn't break the thoughts and doesn't stop with acrimony
Aspersions cast upon Poseidon's seas, like murdered mysteries
Bows and arrows slower with the samurai swords that light up the path for death and decrease
Breeze and the moss green, celadon, and ninja seals
Bursting your bubbles that flow and dissipate like distant memories
I might be flowing and collecting my shells, but, I never give up the search
The journey never stops, like the blue center of hope
Cinemas and music, that flow like beating cotton buds and blossoming drained flowers
The sun falters like these forget-me-nots asking for something in epiphanies

— The End —