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Verdant Quo
20/M    Pushing in my eyes till I make dots full of beautiful scenes. Eclipsed night skies, white hair and lucid dreams.
millsboro    Hello I'm now putting this up because I believe that this site isn't only a site but a family, a family that shares their feelings ...
Turquoise Mist
20/F/NY, NY    Enjoy entering the world of my mind.
Sequoia C
un p'tit je ne sais quoi
Close your eyes. Smile. Now slip inside of my playful thoughts sweetened with a few shards of visions artfully cocooned in a bohéme story. ᴴᵘᵍ ...
Quortni Moore
Saint Louis, Missouri ✈✈✈    I am no poet. wouldn't even call myself a writer ,just a lost girl typing out aimless irrational thoughts. if my life was movie i ...
sequoi eley
millsboro    Be yourself don't be afraid, keep your head held high and express yourself, love yourself and like I said "BE YOURSELF"
Gidi Quotes
nigeria    to be the Best to death
Sequoia Sawyer
17/F    'My condolences to you-if only it hadn't been you'
41/F    A single mom of three children A high school drop to a college graduate. I love writing poetry being bless with the gift 9 years ...
Living my life and hoping one day I can help someone else live theirs

— The End —