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  Jul 2019 Woodhummer quotes
Like the rainbow
born out of rain,
My love
born out of your tears,
is just
A momentary beauty.
  Jul 2019 Woodhummer quotes
You may not be
The moon or
A star or
The sun
Beaming vision to the world.

But to me
You are
The cute little
Casting hope in me.
  Jul 2018 Woodhummer quotes
You just standing in  front of me
Makes my heart race as if I ran for miles

Your voice makes me go crazy
As if I got hit ******* my head

Your smile can fly into dimensions
As if I got struck in a paradox.
  Jul 2018 Woodhummer quotes
All my nights are just sinking boats
Drowning deep into the river of regrets
And me not realizing
myself being pulled down  
along with the boat.

— The End —