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Bogdan Dragos
M    MY NEW BOOK: #WEBSITE: #INSTAGRAM: bogdan_1_dragos
Shadow Dragon
The Dragon Prince
Australia    Uh, my name is Kalum. I don't come on here often anymore. I like writing and reading heaps. Hooroo until later
Buford Silkdragon
33/M/My Second Country   
Marco Mondragon
Moncton, New Brunswick    I have been writing off and on for some time but not really shared my work. Consider this a first. well i havent been on ...
Dragoste Motionless
Dragon's Lair
SC    ....
Dragon's Blood
Just another fat girl, dying to be pretty.
Draginja Knezi
122/M/canada    i like chicken nuggies
17/F/London    I don't post often i post to relieve stress
South Africa Cape Town   
sea draggin
oceans are the giver of the life we know. i love dragons too.
Nerwydd Dragonborne
Wales    Witch of the traditional craft. Have my own forum Married to Silver Fox
red dragon
"nothing goes as planned everything will break people say goodbye in their own special way"
Piscean Dragon
30/Cisgender Female    Trying to find an outlet just like everyone else.
Ștefan Dragomir
20/M/Kronstadt, Romania    This is a place where I can put my "Tears for the girl who never loved me" together. I'm usually writting when I'm drinking or ...

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