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Allentown, PA    Words can't always convey what I want to say but at least poetry displays it in an artistic way.
Archetypes Anonymous
A shitty blogger, photographer, writer and an angst filled teen.
Amy Blanchette
35/F/Massachusetts    36yrs old mom to one boy. Community Activist, Education activist, Writer, Thinker, Doer, Hippie, Lover of ☮️ and all things poetry.. Huge fan of Plath, ...
Chetan Bhati
25/M/Hyderabad    Words fail me each time I am asked to describe myself and yet I rely on them to express those few moments when I am ...
Bangalore, India    Love to pen down the cobweb of my thoughts. All the poems published are reserved not to be used in any way without my consent, ...
Jack Touchet
I like writing, in general. It's something I enjoy doing, and I only ever hope that I can put my love of writing enough into ...
Eddie Crochet
Austin, TX, USA   
I am a young man living in the city of Detroit. i recently became interested in writing out my feelings and ended up writing it ...
Chetan Sharma
India    I'm just me and maybe a drop in sea of everything you assume a person to be!
Alice Fischetti
Dominic Frechette
Michigan    I enjoy music, good movies, good video games, and good literature. I play trumpet, and produce some house music as well as DJ.
21/F/Somewhere Under the Stars    I live an adventurous life. Through my childhood I had been abused and mistreated. Now, today, I'm free, and I plan to do everything I ...
chalmette    I'm a small city girl and love poetry and love writing and love helping others
14/M/Canada    Instagram @georgie_tha_explorer
82/M/Orinda    In 10 years of retirement, volunteered in 8th grade helping with mock trials (Anthony Burns, Fugitive Slave); American History, & Language Arts. Frequent writer of ...
New York    I live and work in Massena, NY. My home is not where my heart is. I long for the road, but am bound to this ...

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