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the lone wolf cries
welps, squeals, yells
hoping for the magpie
to carry her song

spread it around
someone has to hear
the sad sad sound
of a lone wolf shot down
temporarily inept
my heart leaves
my chest

dust on the floor
I cant feel it
no more

empty am i
synonym for lack
my wings are broken
i can no longer fly

shot mid air
i made a decision
to fall
this is unfair
So many seasons have changed;
but one thing has remained the same

I'm a lone wolf,
destined to rule over my terrain--

just me,
one with my name.

Forever in a second,
howling at the moon

doing as I see fit--
even if its nothing but ****.

Let me be,
run free

for I cannot be contained,
or have love strained.
A tight knit room
all the fog, all the gloom
gasses start to swirl and dance
putting all that witness,
in a trance

vision fogs, body tingles
in a room, no one mingles
the world is fading at last
its all spinning and moving
way too fast

Here I come,
here I come,
to the land of the free
and the numb.
Skunk in the night air
red cheeks, messed up hair

Beads of water through my pores
whats mine is now yours

Feel the torque of the engine
twisting hot metal, revving

And your heart beats
like a metronome

It puts me to sleep

Driving in the midnight
close to the light

Can't stop speeding
my life is fleeting

Before my eyes
Before I die

Kiss me goodbye
please don't cry

This is it
This is the end
bleed out
the crimson that stains
won't wash out
can't complain

leave me here
on fake tile
still convulsing
for a while

pain, pain
is going to stay
until you--
make it go away

I can't help me
neither can  you
oh here it comes,
here comes the blues

it sticks, it stains
red and true
brown and purple
green and blue

hold me tight
intertwine my veins
keep the pressure
so my heart stays

home is where
your heart is
mine is not
where it fits

on what was so true
just me and you
now I haven't got a clue

I am lost
when I'm
I feel cheated,
walking through-
this sticky heat
where are you?
how you could say
you're still there
I won't see you
any other day
stop saying that
you don't mean it
I feel cheated.
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