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Quinchet Oct 2018
She’s never quite left you. I can see it in your eyes. Ever since the second she took her last conscious breath and you left her to die. Not one second of the life you live will ever be truly happy again. Her beauty buried alive in your mind and you carry it like sin.
Quinchet May 2018
I speak energy... your soul tells me a story before you even look at me.

I’m a cry beast. I take on the pain of others to open wounds to feel heal, seal and gain insight.
Let it stir up my insides, cry about it, start a fight.

My tolerance is worn out by ignorance but I know anything that Erks me is apart on me. A reflection of a person I used to be.. a world so twisted people just want to use you then loose you.

I will stand alone until I know...we stand as ☝️
Quinchet Mar 2017
Breathing you, in hopes of filling the holes of past hurts untold and unknown to the eyes of a new lover.

Here I am dressed in every color eyes sparkling no make up to hide my expression as I play lightly on the surface. Fun is all you see. I charm I giggle and my claws start to creep for I feel starved for true affection. But I can only give what I have been given a book of pictures of what could be. Wounds so deep no ones diving in with me. I must brave up the courage to let you be so I can fix me and not send another running.
Quinchet Mar 2017
I rise to the beat of my own heart. My truth will be spoken even if my voice shakes. I will never bend or conform this inner bond. I am not just full, I am over flowing. I want to connect to be understood and be loved funny how I find this with strangers over loved ones. I will never be slave to your system of beliefs and I truly grasp your hate for me friend. Hate is love anyway so what's the use in getting all bent out of shape. Its just passion retracted and projected on a reflection of self.
Quinchet Nov 2016
Gone. Gone.

He is Gone. Been gone.


For quite sometime.
Quinchet Oct 2016
Oh how I miss my green eyes.
my green eyes.
That saw me so fine.
How shinny I shine in your greeneyes.

Fire burn so bright in, greeneyes.

Shake me up. Rattle my insides.
Make be remember where my passion is.
Forever I feel all of you as mine
All of you. All the time.
Had me loosing my mind

You spoke words I never heard.
cut me to the core: had me always wanting more.

I put my self in the best place to be used and push away but I swayed so I guess it has to be this way.

Hearts became one that day, you know. You felt what words can never display with what we felt beyond touch. It melts me awake each and every day. I love you to the change in me this way. Fire is lite my lovin..
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