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17/Gender Questioning/USA    Just found out I can write on here again soooooo Hi. I'm a bisexual from the US and I'm still tryna figure out gender stuff. ...


kiran goswami  Oct 2018
My Weight
kiran goswami Oct 2018
They ask me a question every day,
They ask me 'Oh darling! How much do you weigh?'
And I answer this question every day,
I wish to tell them,
'I am not made up of flesh and bones,
I do not weigh on scales and stones.
I weigh the love letters never sent,
I weigh my heart I gave on rent,
I weigh all my insecurities,
I weigh Ganga's purities.
I weigh the prayers of my mother.
I weigh the hard work of my father.
I weigh the thirty-two-inch smile I carry and flaunt every day,
I weigh the fears which haunt me every day,
I weigh all the love I have for him,
And I am certain that weighs more than the stories I dream,
I weigh the fairytales I've read,
And I weigh the kindness I've fed.
I weigh my hope,
And I weigh my dreams.
I weigh my faith,
And I weigh my screams.
So I weigh the lightest I could ever be,
And the heaviest you could ever imagine being.'
But then in the end,
I murmur the words '47 kilograms',
A lean and skinny girl is what I am.
Alessia  Dec 2018
What I weigh
Alessia Dec 2018
What do I weigh?
I weigh the responsibility of my ancestors for what they did to those of a different color
I weigh down the cons from the pros
I weigh the burden of what society says is ideal for me
I weigh the opinion of you, then I choose to ignore it
I weigh more than you can carry
But I will carry myself
Through the tricky path you’ve never bothered to help me clear
For you have never had to walk it
I will leave it clear for future generations to map out
So they will never weigh what I do
sunflower Jun 2013
Wake up  
Look in mirror
Take off clothes
Look in mirror
                      why is my stomach so swollen looking??
                      ******* hate this body
                      especially my stomach
                ­      finally
                      ­10 calories
Coffee and cream
                      34 calories..
                      too many
                      need energy, though
strawberries+coffee+cream=­ 44 calories
                  ­    **** it
                 ­     better
Go for run
                      burned 400 calories
                      can't eat
Look in mirror
                      the way my fat sticks out is disgusting
100 sit ups
                      burned 50 calories
200 jumping jacks
                      burned 70 calories
Look in mirror
                      why am I not thin yet
                      don't fade out again
Passes out
Go to doctor
Says too thin
                      don't lie to me
                      36 calories
Energy drink
                      210 calories
                      ne­ed it desperately though
strawberries+coffee+cream+peach+energy drink= 290
                      ­hate myself
Stare in mirror
Stare in mirror
Stare in mirror
Examine body
200 sit ups
                      burned 100 calories
Get dumped by boyfriend
                      it's probably because I'm fat
Take shower
Get out
Look in mirror
                      you are disgusting
Go to bed
                      I hate myself

scary thin
ate too little, exercised too much
unrealistically saw herself
died two years later of a self inflicted gunshot to the head and a starved soul
**note said: “I love you, but I hate myself and the fact I'll never be small enough for you”