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Unnoticed Notes
Just a shadow unnoticed


kris evans May 2014
it always remain unnoticed -
my tears
the day i first walked
past the gates of my school
holding my mother's hands
a little drop...
from nowhere
swept past my eyes
and dripped from my lashes
but it was June....
and suddenly a gush of water
pouring from heavens
swept my tears
along with the downpour
the saline drop from my eyes
merged with the rain
and my tears remain unnoticed.......

the day my friends
teased me of my greasy hair
again a drop dripped to my cheeks
but my mates playfully
threw water on me
and the drops of sorrow
was washed away......

the day i hurt my knees
and blood came oozing through the cut
unknowingly the tears reappeared.
but the strong blowing wind
soon dried them up
and once again they remained unnoticed......

even at night
when nightmares make me sweat
tears flood my eyes
but the pillows soak them up
and yet again they remain unnoticed.....

the day of our farewell,
when i stood behind the mike
tears from nowhere
formed in my eyes
but it remained unnoticed
yet again by the lights of camera flashes......

even now when i sob
over the lines of this poem
and a fountain of tears
flow from my eyes
it remain unnoticed
coz i've locked myself up
and there is nobody to watch these tears
except my shadow......

people call me brave
'cause i never cry.....
'cause they've never seen tears in my eyes.....
they call me brave
'cause my tears remain unnoticed.....
Craig Harrison Sep 2014
He didn't need to die to be a ghost
for years he walked these hallways, going unnoticed
he was like a blur to those who passed him
teachers couldn't remember him
No parents to speak of, one day they just never came back.

Average student, never pushing himself
never showing up on anybody's radar
going unnoticed, going unseen
no friends to speak of, no one knew he existed

He was surrounded by hundreds of people
but lived his life not seen
no one saw his tears
no one saw his art
he went unnoticed until the day he died.

Police found him
he couldn't take it anymore
ended it all
he spent his life unnoticed
but he was a brilliant artist
his art was seen
hanging up in some amazing galleries
everyone now knows his name.