Josh Jul 2014

I lull the salt
and the rain
with the company of
sour visitors
perpetual silence
stabbing me in
my palms
I strung it together
with thin white exhales
In the morning
I become tangled
apologetic veins
a rib cage and
a buoy, white endless
tangled at the root.

LC Oct 2014

I spent a lifetime,
Sorting through this tangled mind,
Taking out all the memories,
Trapped inside.


Cassidy Vautier Mar 2015

sunken eyes
i watched them
in silent rooms.
breathing people
nothing but
the vents breathing
their moan of
churning gears

brittle bones
i arose to
black and cream elixir
the orange sun peaking over
black branch silhouette
a sight for tired eyes

helpless hands
gripping the red glazed mug
emanating peaceful warmth
unlike the heat of the words
burned in the back of my mind

6:12 a.m
trying not to think
deep breaths
sips of coffee
how to forget
seems to be
the hardest thing after all

he who
made living a lot less terrifying
seems abstract in my mind now
not solid, not there,
maybe he was a daydream after all

craving sustenance
the only thing that is for sure
is the orange
fading into pink, fading into blue
like the only thing i’ve ever know,
the bottom of the red mug
peaks at me
still warm in my hands,
but not like your reminiscent hand

March 3, 2015
raine cooper Jul 2015

i need to get tangled in you, and forget that there's a world outside our door

Michael Pick May 2014

One night can change a lot of things
And it's hard for me to explain
The connection you can make with someone
While you're tangled up in their legs

But seeing her eyes in the night
And just waking up to her breath
Was what made me let out a little sigh
While making me smile a bit too much

Last night we spent inside of her bed
Allowing us to forget the world outside
A connection stayed between our fingertips
While her legs were tangled up in mine

Eleanor Rigby May 2015

Tangled are your hands
Around my heart.

If you let go
I will come apart.

Poemasabi Jun 2013

Tangled in thick grass the young dragonfly, freed by a gentle gloved hand.

Dani Greaves Feb 2013

You bring out the worst in me.
I love you, really I don’t.
How did we get to where we were?
I forget the path we took..
Most time spent “together”
void. Too many moments..
Tangled in limbs and sheets
but not each others’ minds.
Failing to dissect each neuron
until we knew everything.

Surrounded and seduced
by hollow words, I am
consumed with vulnerability,
pushing forward prematurely,
only to recoil almost instantly..
Caught in whirlwind we were.
Turning the calm into a storm
when maybe it could have just drifted..
If only we had trusted.

If only you had not betrayed mine,
had given release to that which passed,
and embraced me in our present.
Finally ready to tread waters
only waded before,
and quickly deserted in fear.
who I was ready to swim miles for.
An unlit candle, finally
found the flame to its wick.

Cracked the white shell,
you took full advantage
beyond what you were allowed.
Keeping it for your own
upon your surges of desire.
Feeding me pathos
from the shallows of your..
soul, buried deep in the core
of the cave in your chest,
only to be unearthed by the brew’s shovel.

Something you knew not of.
Nor patience, consideration, selflessness.
And by your body
was torn my most sensitive skins.
Words followed that broke more.
Innocence willingly, thoughtlessly given.
Taken was more, offered to help create.
Hands chosen to lay a foundation,
that crumble it before it is built.

I stand above my bed
And examine the damage.
Blankets this way and that
Pillows all over
Sheets tangled up around themselves.
Proof of something that
Only hours ago
Left this place empty.
I take in the rubble
And breathe deeply.
I lower myself down to those
Tangled sheets
And backwards bedspreads
And fill my lungs with you.
I pull them up around me
And close my eyes
And wish for this place to be
The same kind of battleground
Again tomorrow.

kmp May 2015

In the same space where once laid rubies and pearls
now lies a tangled necklace of simple gold.
Knotted, tarnished and with one broken end,
it rests there for a long time, almost hidden,
amidst bracelets of diamonds
and waits to shine again.

Grace Espinoza Feb 2015

If I tipped my head
A swarm of numbers
Would spill from my ears
Tangling telephone wires
Wrapped round my feet

Dollar signs
Flashing deadlines
Self worth
A number line

Integrity an ember now
Once ablaze
Our values incinerated
Numbers so overshadowing
They have blocked the sunrays

Because we are so much more than numbers
Loewen S Graves Mar 2012

the sky stretches,
yawning, awakening
in front of me: it's been
a long and gentle sleep

The paint clogging
my lungs has cleared,
the stains around my eyes
rubbed away, maybe
by your hands on my face

And your hands,
they stick, love like
a film of dust that settles
over my skin, coloring
me pink

We are sunk
in this madness,
tied together like
the knots in your boots,
messy tangle of thoughts

You know,
there are stories
buried in your nail beds
I can't wait to discover.
But in this dream tonight,
that full moon
shining on your face

Night sky opens up,
pulls us in tight
And I know, the two of us?
We could sleep for days.

My first attempt at a sappy love poem. Let me know if I missed the mark!

I wanna be all tangled in with you tonight.
All legs and arms and lips, tangled.
Heart strings, mirth and eyes locked.
Days unfolding and replayed in pillow talk.
Fingers into one another's,
in the hair,- hair tangled too, yet

In all these tangled knots
We twist and pull- tangled.
Gets tighter, closer and impossible.
We will never be undone.

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