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Thomas P Owens Sr
M/New Market, Va    Lover of poetry, film, comedy, the paranormal, OBX, Rush and women named Eve
Christi Michaels MoonFlower
I hope that my writings touch others as Poetry and Timeless Prosodies have touched me. aka: MoonFlower "Fluer de Luna" Currently recovering from a traumatic ...
17/F/Somewhere Beautiful    ♡ stay. forever.


Julian Revà Feb 2018
We owe ourselves to the first loves,
to the unforgettable "forevers"
and to the fleeting lies
that made us happy once

We owe ourselves to the oil
and to the body, not to hatred,
much less to others that aren't us
We owe ourselves to happiness
(at least)

And even if we ran out of memories
I'll remember myself (it's a promise
or at least that is what I pretend)
Since the truth is that I quickly forget
what I feel; I regret

I regret to owe you so much, but
I regret more to owe myself;
must be unbearably sad

I know I owe you and you owe me
but I preffer the debt
long before the duty

What I do not tolerate is
the doubt -
the cowardice of the "would have"
what we would be
what we did not be
what we keep wanting to be

How unbearable is to carry corpses
believing that you can still bring them to life

It's enough; at the end
and if I'm not mistaken
I owe you a funeral,
I owe you a birthday
And maybe, a birth
And if I'm in the mood,
I owe you a "sorry".
(Spanish Translation)

Nos debemos a los primeros amores,
a los inolvidables "por siempre"
y a las mentiras fugaces que,
por lo menos, nos hacían felices

Nos debemos al óleo y al cuerpo
no al odio, mucho menos a otros
que no somos nosotros propios
Nos debemos esa felicidad
(por lo menos)

Y aunque lleguemos a no tener memoria
me recordaré (es promesa
o por lo menos eso pretendo)
Ya que la verdad olvido más rápido
que lo que siento; lo siento

Siento deberte tanto, pero más
deberme a mí mismo; ha de ser
insoportablemente triste

Sé que te debo y me debes
pero prefiero la deuda
mucho antes que el deber

Lo que no tolero es la duda -
lo cobarde del "hubiera"
lo que seríamos
lo que no fuimos
lo que nos quedamos queriendo

Qué insoportable cargar con cadáveres
creyendo que aún se pueden traer a la vida

Pero ya; a final de cuentas
y si no fallan los cálculos
te debo un funeral, un cumpleaños
y quizás un nacimiento
Y si me hallo de ánimos,
un "lo siento".
I Owe
I owe everything to everyone in my life.
I owe my life to my parents who gave me chance by giving birth to me.
I owe my life to my teachers who tutor me in school & college.
I owe my life to my siblings who were every time with me when I had no friends.
I owe my life to my friends who were with me in my school and college life.
I owe my life to my colleague's who were with me when I was struggling to build my business.
I owe my life to my girlfriend who never said she loved me.
Im still struggling in my life. Now I'm on my own no ones with me. I don't blame anybody I'm all alone, it was my decision to stand on my own efforts. I still failed. I'm broked, I'm bored. I'm not getting success, thought comes to my  mind to end my life. But one thing stops me from this. I know I don't even my own my life. I have no right to finish my life. Because I already owe my life to everyone in my life. I can't finish it without settling what I owe.
I always remember i owe my life to somebody.
nali Apr 2017
We were standing there just talking and laughing
Remembering the good ol’ days that actually weren’t that good
and I couldn’t help but notice the uncomfortable look on your face
So let me gently ask you: do we owe you something, sir?
Because since we arrived I feel this hate coming from you,
a passive-agressive staring that makes me feel guilty for just existing
in a public space
like it’s a drag for people like us to be out here and
not hiding in the shadows of our profane rooms
but despite what you may think I didn’t come to this place on vacation
this is where I belong even though most of the times I wish it wasn’t
and as you stare at us I feel the same thing that my friends and siblings felt
just two seconds before they were murdered.
I fear that these are the last scenes of my short film.
I fear the news my mother’s gonna hear if I dont go back home tonight.
I fear for my friends because they don’t even seem to realize
that the man sitting next to us
has got in his eyes a hate that im pretty sure he wasn’t born with,
but was taught by a society that only remembers love
when it comes to avoid talking about the mass shootings
against us that they support and
while they’re trying to shut us up when we ask for reparations
for the permanent damages they have caused us
But I aint got no time to talk about it so let me ask you one more time:
do we owe you something, sir?
As I was sitting here I thought a lot of times about
going away to avoid the worst but now
it’s my turn to shut my fear up and stand here
to say that I ain’t going nowhere.
Because I’m tired of leaving places
to feel a fake safeness ‘cause we all know the statistics too well
to ignore that home is not sweet when you just don’t fit
There’s no safe place to go because our hearts are trophies
and you've got this uncontrollably desire to feel it on your ***** hands
and we both know you’d do anything, anything to find out what it feels like
and you’ll believe that what you’ve done is something to feel proud of
and believe me,
they will arrest you for ****** but only because
they need to show people that killing is wrong but they don’t really
think killing people like us is that wrong, do you get it?
It’s the 21st century but i've heard of witch-hunt,
gay concentration camps and slave markets
within less than a week.
Not far from here the last screams of people I knew
were heard and their voices won’t stop echoing in my head
'cause nine times out of ten I know that just because
the bullet didn’t come for me this time I does not mean it won’t come
but you didn’t answer my question so let me answer it for you:
do we owe you something, sir? No.
You owe us.
You owe us and you better pray for afterlife to be a myth
because if it’s real we’ll be there to remind you that you owe us
You owe us so much that you could have a thousand lives
and yet it wouldn’t be enough to pay what you owe us
Because everytime you **** one of us you’re killing all of us
and it only makes your debt increase.
So when you see us lower you head and be grateful
we didn’t take your soul yet.
not sure if it's a poem but it is something so