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brandon nagley
Ohio,USA..    You can find me on Facebook Brandon Nagley Also on YouTube as Brandon nagley I speak prophecy news on my YouTube channel that matches biblically. ...
Brandon Conway
31/M/SC    Wandering this dark forest with no guide Figuring out the labyrinth of the my feeble mind Evading the sun for melted wax leads to a ...
On the edge of your taste    I write. You read. That’s how this works. [copyright]


brandon nagley Dec 2015

Brandon and Jane
One heart pumping their blood;
Soulmates, eternal love.


Brandon and Jane
Names written on alleyway wall's;
Undiscovered by man,
Treasure's of God.


Brandon and Jane
Revealed for all to seeith;
Manifested to the naked eye
To her I seek to pleaseth.


Brandon and Jane
Together interconnected glow;
Ourn flower garden is planted
We art the growers of touching soul's.


Brandon and Jane
Mine flesh is her flesh, as tis her's is mine.
Mine pain is her pain, as tis her's is mine.
Mine name is her name
Filipino divine.
A kingdom with an empress
Jane sardua, lady of time.


Brandon and Jane
Coalesced in sacrosanct lullaby's;
As newborn infant's, and before the age
Of man we were to find. To find one another
In a moment's blinking eye, I kneweth her, tis
She kneweth me, I searched the beaches and thus
The sea's, as I landed in Clarin, Philippines;


Brandon and Jane
Forever to be,
Of soulmate
Seeds. Together

©Brandon Cory Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane dedication ( Filipino rose) poetry
Scintilla means - trace. Or trace of sparks .
Serene is peaceful.
Sacrosanct -(especially of a principle, place, or routine) regarded as too important or valuable to be interfered with. Also meaning like something sacred.
The two Greek titles or are just ways of writing it in Greek. Enjoy
Earl Jane Oct 2015

Dear Mrs. Nagley

Oh my dearest mother-in-law,
Did Brandon my king write you?
I am in my utmost state of agitation,
I don’t know what to do, I’m going “non compos mentis”.

Did he left a letter for me before he go?
He said he’ll be in my arms for less than a week,
Oh my goodness it’s been more than 2 weeks!
Oh, this throe is burying me alive in my grave.

Mother-in-law, Oh, mother-in-law,
I am in extreme dejection,
Oh where is my soulmate, my king, my all?
Where is he, please tell me where is he.

Please assure me nothing bad happened,
Oh this eyes shed bucket of tears,
They’re swollen and I am so weary,
Please mother-in-law, tell me what’s going on.

Sincerely your daughter-in-law
Earl Jane Nagley
September 27th, 1876

(Mrs. Nagley's response letter)

Dearest daughter in law Jane........

He left over two week's ago, didst he not correspond?
Mineself either hath no way to knoweth;
I'm worried mineself, me and his father,
We hast not heard one word from ourn son, dearest daughter.

Do not fret Jane, maby mine son's cruise ship is late
If he doth get there, telleth him to write his mum;
I'm crying now from this stress, there art no word's to calm,
Me and his father heard a storm was coming in, I'm anxious.

We need to hath faith mine son wilt maketh it.
Maby the captain's running late, maby the ocean's shaking;
Mine baby is strong, as I prayest he mayest hold on to the thunderous lightning that's hitting the dawn, I want mine son.

Im on mine knee's now, begging God to bringeth him to thee
If he dost not maketh it to thee Jane, mine daughter and sweet;
I wouldst not knoweth what to do without thy king, mine son!
I'm beseeching Yahweh's mercy, mayest god protect his ship run.

Your Mother in law, Juna Nagley............
October 9th, 1876


Dearest daughter in law Jane.........

Me and mine husband hath received news on mine son, and thine king, I'm heartbroken to telleth thee, but the ship succumbed to the storm's ferocious sting; I prayed and begged to god, yet mine son no longer couldst cling, he passed at twenty-seven. The front half of the vessel broke into many pieces, the lightning struck the sail as tis all the men were flung west and east: Mine baby found some wood to grasp onto, though shark's were around, as ******* they made there move. He was taken by the man-eater's and sunk into the deep blue. O' how saddened I am, O' how I miss mine son, this ****'s mine soul and break's me in ways more than one...... Here is the letter mine son left when they found him floating by the blood of his vest.
Sincerely mom ...
October 16, 1876

( Brandon's letter to his wife Jane Nagley)

Dear amour', I canst not write thee much, mine limbs art bleeding out from the shark bites and cuts. Mine ship went down, as tis this is God's will, please if thou shalt get this letter please knoweth thou art mine queen, mine body shalt be renewed in the presence of the Lord's feet; thou art not losing me, remember? No goodbye's, if I'm to goeth now and if I'm to die, smileth for me lass, drieth thine eye's; I'll meeteth thee in the third celestial, i'll meet thee there.... By the pearly gate's. On cloud nine.

Thy king and soulmate, always and forever

© Earl Jane - Brandon Collaborations
♥ Lovers Incorporated
fourth collab with my king Brandon <3

I suggested to Brandon to have  a collab with him again, he gave me this idea,... though this is sooo much heartbreaking, it turned out to be interestingly amazing and genius! i knew he is genius :)))

i love you lots Brandon! me most! <3 :)))