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Screaming Jesus Nov 2014
Living with her, jacking to me, ******* her.. Honorable man!!!
Screaming Jesus Nov 2014
Love and honor to him means nothing

Ask his wife
Screaming Jesus Oct 2014
There isn't one threat you can give me
That isn't equaled to all I have on you...

Do you really want to go there?

Test me...
Screaming Jesus Oct 2014
He's drowned inside
Blue eyes
Green eyes
Brown eyes
Red eyes
Hopeless void eyes

Stroked so hard he
Almost blew out his eyes

He loves his void
The fantasy of their eyes
The pathetic disconnect

His hand is his favorite now
It's connected to his third eye
And likes the control of eye spying
The one eye

He's not your friend
Not your lover
He's  lost inside the safety
Of all of the broken
Cyber eyes
Screaming Jesus Oct 2014
So when you talk to me
should I ask who the hell it is?

Your words and actions are
like a surge of bile excreting from my ***

Come on...*** on
tell me
another ******* story
Screaming Jesus Sep 2014
You attempt suicide
and I'm the only one that died
Screaming Jesus Feb 2014
He ******* lied again
while I lay there and watched
his lips move

He doesn't want this to be
his fault so I can finger **** myself
and he will watch

Am I really that desperate
to keep caving into the lie
and her bed
and his being a fake?

I guess so
my fingers are wet again
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