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2.1k · Dec 2013
Bone on boner
Screaming Jesus Dec 2013
I'm bone on bone since you left me
scared, broken hearted and tattoo'd

Now I'm left sifting through the truth and lies
alone, again, this one more time

Who were you with me?  Do you really feel a thing?
Because I'm left here hit by a ******* hurricane

Empty, being told I'll always have you, and baby
this isn't having you

I want it all, including the bone on *****
inside the safety of my open wings
1.0k · Dec 2013
Just Cyber it is
Screaming Jesus Dec 2013
My feelings and sense of who "I am"
were still involved in the strange online

Not needing my voice to stroke
you stroke alone
kissed the screen and said good bye

Have a great day baby, it's only cyber


You just took my humanness and ****** all over
me and made me feel like a *****

Good bye hard feelings
after all it's only cyber we're playing with

968 · Oct 2014
Screaming Jesus Oct 2014
He's drowned inside
Blue eyes
Green eyes
Brown eyes
Red eyes
Hopeless void eyes

Stroked so hard he
Almost blew out his eyes

He loves his void
The fantasy of their eyes
The pathetic disconnect

His hand is his favorite now
It's connected to his third eye
And likes the control of eye spying
The one eye

He's not your friend
Not your lover
He's  lost inside the safety
Of all of the broken
Cyber eyes
956 · Nov 2014
Pushing bullshit
Screaming Jesus Nov 2014
Love and honor to him means nothing

Ask his wife
840 · Dec 2013
Does she REALLY know?
Screaming Jesus Dec 2013
So you told her
So you say

I wonder if you mentioned everything?

You know, the pause between breaths
when our body's ache to *** at the same time?

or how you've had me in all the right places
in unordinary spaces?

Does she know how our hearts blended into
one heart beat so we no longer are two but one?

I wonder if she would be so easy to please if
she really knew I slept in your shirt and played
with myself in your underwear?

From Missionary to your wildest desires back to Missionary?

I think you don't just love me, I think you miss me in ways
she so does not know
802 · Sep 2014
Funny isn't it? (10 word)
Screaming Jesus Sep 2014
You attempt suicide
and I'm the only one that died
739 · Nov 2014
Trinity (10 w)
Screaming Jesus Nov 2014
Living with her, jacking to me, ******* her.. Honorable man!!!
640 · Nov 2013
Drowning in Fear
Screaming Jesus Nov 2013
You left me with so much unsaid
You left me scouring obituary's to see if you were dead

Now what?

Can you tell me?

You left me and now I want to know
if it's safe to take off this straight jacket?

Your name was carved so nicely in my flesh

The infection from the ***** blade left more of a scar

I didn't expect to wake up from that, but what the hell

You came back and want me again, right?

It was you
that left ME
596 · Oct 2013
Blood and bones
Screaming Jesus Oct 2013
It was the peeling off of my flesh
on that hot summers day with putrid smells of rot
that put me in my place

You remember the one day right?

When you said I was your once
in a lifetime
as the knife ripped into the flesh

Did the nerve endings cause you pain, it did me?

I wonder how she will feel when
she gets the box full of your **** pictures in the mail

Will she smile, because she does love you so?

How about the one where you jacked off at work
and spunked on the wall for me?

Ha, that would be a great Christmas card for the
"two" of you

*******, for killing me
with countless slicing of the knife

Back to the **** and teenagers for you
551 · Oct 2014
Test me
Screaming Jesus Oct 2014
There isn't one threat you can give me
That isn't equaled to all I have on you...

Do you really want to go there?

Test me...
516 · Oct 2013
Failed Suicide
Screaming Jesus Oct 2013
I made sure the blade was sharp
the cut deep and straight up and down
but my blood went dry long ago

The noose was made of fine rope no margin of frayed error
and yet it failed to choke the "******* A" as I gasped swinging
with full breath

Needles tainted from over use hang still from my veins
as I double back and snort a few lines while my stomach
receives the full pay load but I puked and felt nothing...not even high

The fact that you led me on for 20 months with false promises
The fact that you asked me point blank to wait for you
is the fact I'm trying so ******* hard to ****

Your facts are void of truth...your truth is a slow killer

I want to die now just to forget you
477 · Feb 2014
Go Figure
Screaming Jesus Feb 2014
He ******* lied again
while I lay there and watched
his lips move

He doesn't want this to be
his fault so I can finger **** myself
and he will watch

Am I really that desperate
to keep caving into the lie
and her bed
and his being a fake?

I guess so
my fingers are wet again
441 · Oct 2014
What the Hell?
Screaming Jesus Oct 2014
So when you talk to me
should I ask who the hell it is?

Your words and actions are
like a surge of bile excreting from my ***

Come on...*** on
tell me
another ******* story

— The End —