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Friendship isn't a real thing.
"Friendship" is just a bunch of lonely people banded together because thats what society tells us to do.
 Nov 2014 Screaming Jesus
\      .     /
   \   .    ^       /.. 
  =      <   •   >    =  
         /        V       \         
/  /
\ \
  | |
   \ \
   /  /

sparking at the end
•eating away at my wick•
forcing me into a backward bend•
now by the second I tick...•I am truly
seething•I am... TNT•I am so close to
exploding...•I am...incendiary•it feels
like a crime•but..............there isn't left
much room•it's just a matter of time•
before I finally decide to go...fizz...
 Nov 2014 Screaming Jesus
 Nov 2014 Screaming Jesus
time -
such care in counting
the essence of

measured twice
- cut once
if wisely

a hole in a rock -
an atomic clock
ticking tocks

aligned in space
light years and dog years
- lines on a face

a living will -
a fleeting baby's smell

- shadows weighed
at the end of the day

darkening sky
drawing nigh -
palms high

- it is time.

r ~ 11/4/14
 Nov 2014 Screaming Jesus
What I learnt about people and when they leave is that you have to let them.
Let them go because they need to.
Let them go because they have to.
The reasons they are going may not be reasons you understand, but they are their reasons and that is enough.
You can cry and scream and act as pathetic as you like.
But then you have to let them walk away.
You have to let them go places, and explore worlds you do not exist in.
You have to let them go and you have to be okay with it.
Because its never really about if they leave or stay all its really about is if they return.
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