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Dec 2017 · 229
Hello again
Scot Powers Dec 2017
Hello again my pretties
Indeed it's been some time
But life sometimes throws a curve
There are many waves to ride

Around and around this ride goes
Never knowing where it ends
Emotions and reflections rule
Drawing you deeper in the depths

It is time to cleanse the mind
Clear out the sacred place
Tell the stories of my life
Let the pieces fall into place.
Apr 2016 · 1.1k
Moving on
Scot Powers Apr 2016
Drifting through those foggy years
wading through the pain and tears
sorting out the right from wrong
Letting go and moving on

Standing taller than before
understanding lies were told
Living in your sordid past
Innocence fell hard and fast

Moving forward forgiving all
hoping your not feeling small
for acting out on misplaced trust
betrayal.. cloaked by  lust

Here today I set you free
all the anger holding me
the weight that held me down
Shed that skin upon the ground

Tomorrow I will look at thee
as someone whom I miss dearly
but today your actions set the course
for the path that you have chose
Mar 2016 · 510
The River
Scot Powers Mar 2016
As lazy days turn to night
wasted days steal your life
oddly it seems,we just can't see
the bountiful harvest
that waits for thee

We stumble and bumble
as weeks turn to years staring so blindly
as smiles turn to tears
tending the gardens intentions have made
while riding along in life's parade

The time passes faster
the older you grow
while perspective runs deeper
as experience's flow
the river of life
is long and winding
with rapids and backwaters
so keep your sight keen
Feb 2016 · 253
Scot Powers Feb 2016
Dashed upon the rocks of hope
and stranded by the waves
clinging desperately as the wind howls down
calling out my name

Oh how I need you now
in this timely hour
as the sun doth settles down
light begins to fade

The cold it creeps in slowly
loneliness indeed invades
insidiously replacing love
leaving hatred in its wake

I shall not become its victim
no. not again this time
crawling at a snails pace
it will not see me trying

At last I rise and strike a blow
for no longer am I blind
blind to the madness
which fights to poison the mind

Arisen I shall never bow
or break with the wind
arisen I shall take my place
at the helm again
Dec 2015 · 343
Wandering Moments
Scot Powers Dec 2015
Wandering moments
bodies and eyes
warm stolen glances
promised delight

just out of focus
a face in the crowd
emotional welling
unleashing desire

the feeling is fleeting
soon it will be gone
reach out with your feelings
to where you belong
Dec 2015 · 1.0k
Hearing from an old friend
Scot Powers Dec 2015
Hearing from a old friend
is always such a thrill
bringing forth the memories
of times that were so clear
to share lifes experience
with one whom lives so far
the distance doesent matter
just the closeness of the hearts
like best friends sitting on the porch
calling out the stars
yet often more like ships
passing in the fog
we carry on our lives journeys
but always checking in
to share a bit of wisdom
and a happy grin
Sep 2015 · 663
Scot Powers Sep 2015
Alone I sit once again
a prisoner of my thoughts
pressing questions left unanswered
in the setting dusk
only time will tell the tale
of pennance versus praise
standing up or laying down
the choice is ours to make
Sep 2015 · 390
The Ring
Scot Powers Sep 2015
a simple gift
yet one so full
of meaning and belief
placed around my neck
with hopes and loving dreams
placed there by my loving friend
as I stared out at the sky
the light streamed in warming the room
as inwardly I cried

I cried for the moment
but you would never see
the love that I held for you
grew ever ,ever deep
I cried for what I could not have
and what could never be
I cried for the loss
of those feelings within me

There is not a day goes by
when I reflect on that day
or when you greeted me
in your special way
I read the words you wrote to me
and smile all the same
and gently rub the ring I wear
while whispering your name
Sep 2015 · 679
Writing as a hobby
Scot Powers Sep 2015
Writing as a hobby
is  always such a thrill
the emotions that are brought forth
are like cobwebs on the sill
remnants of past feelings
pour from within
take you back a bit in time
to when you felt the whim

A distant season from your life
that taught you how to be
a fragrence on the drifting wind
that set your soul  so free
I often sit and think of you
you know who you are
stories shared and moments spent
drinking tea and laughing hard

Writing as a hobby
is like climbing a steep hill
pushing ever forward
ever higher for the thrill
escaping all distraction
as you reach so deep within
pulling out your deepest past
your secrets and your sins
relenquishing your ego
to fit the story in
its in these times I think of you
and the peace which flows within
Jun 2015 · 293
Green and Black
Scot Powers Jun 2015
green and black
was what you wore
in the mid day sun
chatting with another
like we had once done
I wonder if you feel the same
or share so willingly
the words and emotions
that once came so freely
are there times when you look back
with fondness and regret
or are the moments that we shared
indifferent and bereft
just another port of call
shelter from the storm
a mirror to reflect upon
the way you carry on
oh I wish to see again
the smile upon your face
as you open up your door
and wrap me in  your embrace
Mar 2015 · 879
Viewers discretion advised
Scot Powers Mar 2015
The voice from the screen
a face that's never seen
advises you unknowingly
blurring the lines
one day at a time
until control is complete
Mar 2015 · 696
The Vigil
Scot Powers Mar 2015
The Stubborn man refused to budge
or listen to complaints
he always wore a frown they said
while standing at the gate
on rainy days he might stay in
on sunny days stay late
but there was not a day went by
when he wouldn't wait

Exactly what he waited for
no one could ever say
the local folks just wandered by
wishing him a pleasant day
he would gruffly wave them off
and mutter to himself
while keeping up his vigil
and keeping to himself

Curiosity finally gripped me
I had to find out for my self
so cautiously I approached the man
and this is what I asked
why do you stand here every day
peering into the wind
a lonely endless vigil
seemingly without end

He smiled at me as best he could
and slowly shook his head
"I am waiting for somebody
who wants to be a friend".
Mar 2015 · 454
Too soon
Scot Powers Mar 2015
With glowing eyes
meeting mine
time stood still
so divine
watching as
the sun did set
for all the trials
no regret
to have another
loving day
sharing laughs
while we play
but those days
are ending soon
the sands of time
change the rules
so I will grasp
and cling to
my little girl
an adult too soon.
For my Daughter, man where have the years gone..,
Mar 2015 · 897
Serfin USA
Scot Powers Mar 2015
As I struggle for control
the voices  start to grab a hold
daily forcing me to be
something that I just can't be

a violent act, compassionless
left  dying on the street
lying in a pool of blood
ripe for news TV

talking heads relay the tale
ramp up fear  increasing sales
all the while those at the top
pray to god, that it won't stop

For profits are  the result
of their plan to wipe us out
weaken the middle everyday
till only serfs remain to pay.
Feb 2015 · 479
Scot Powers Feb 2015
Quietly she entered
and crept across the floor
knowing all too well
the pleasure that would flow

Slowly she approached the bed
there laid a supine form
her heart began to skip a beat
as she undid her robe

Revealing herself  to the night
and to the lying form
gently she began to kiss his neck
her skin was getting warm

Slowly she descended
her tongue leading the way
he wrapped his arms around her
in his loving way

gripping and pulling him
closer to her mouth
her hot breath sent quivers
as she licked the tender shaft

She took him in her mouth
and began to gently ****
he rubbed her moist tightness
and probed her with his tongue

Then they rolled over
still tenderly embraced
and worked together thrusting
to reach a higher place

She dragged her nails across his back
the moans began to rise
sensations racing forward
searching each others eyes

Releasing waves of pleasure
reaching out at the same time
their pleasured moans a symphony
entangled and divine
Feb 2015 · 627
The Cold Grey dawn
Scot Powers Feb 2015
The cold grey dawn
was setting in
shattered bodies
moaning wind
all that remained
were the cries
orphaned children
asking why
widowed mothers
take to the streets
must now provide
for families needs
while those who sit
in offices high
turn their back
on those who died
Feb 2015 · 339
Passing Fancy
Scot Powers Feb 2015
Another sleepless night is spent
wishing to be with you
but knowing that it won't happen
is really nothing new

a passing fancy nothing more
yet a hope was hung upon
the body language you'd display
stringing me along

it seems as though a year has gone
since I last held you
I wonder if you feel the same
when I am not with you
Feb 2015 · 426
Little Whistle
Scot Powers Feb 2015
The kettle started boiling
as our clothes fell to the floor
that little whistle blowing
as we sought each others love
you grasped, I probed
so willingly
we both fell to the floor
locked in sweet ecstasy
lust pushed love out the door
Feb 2015 · 346
Beneath my very feet
Scot Powers Feb 2015
The overgrown cavern
seemed to beckon me
the mystery, adventure
is what I really seek
to travel to a distant past
without ever leaving
the comfort of my daily life
really appeals to me

For within a hundred steps or so
the darkness starts to creep
pulling out the shadows
revealing things to me
a broken *** , a lower jaw
many treasures do await
an arrowhead protruding
from a dented brass breast plate

Going a little farther
into the empty place
I find that I no longer
sense the steps I trace
how many came before I did
to this very place
wondering about the former lives
lost within the cave

As a child I would come
here with my grandpa
he would tell me stories
of people that were lost
lost to the sands of time
but never did they leave
they just became the dusty floor
beneath my very feet
Feb 2015 · 259
Scot Powers Feb 2015
Moving slowly as I walk
through the darkened hall
voices seemed to call my name
beckoning from afar
are they really spirits
moved on to another plain
or is it creeping madness
insidious in its pace

The headaches started weeks before
but I will not let on
The fear that daily grips my soul
will it last for long?
my memories are fading
lost within a maze
a labyrinth of my own design
oh it feels so strange

The people that I encounter
each and every day
some I seem to recognize
others just seem to fade
I can't remember all the time
who I really am
how I came to be this way
or what will happen next

The chilling part of this tale
is it happens every day
some of us are old and frail
while others still like to play
nature plays its tricks on us
some are cruel indeed
robbing us of our life
of our will to be

I don't know what I'm afraid of
but the fear is truly real
sit and watch the sunset
until it disappears
how on earth did this happen
just what was the cause
something that I ate perhaps
or maybe just a clot

Whatever is the answer
my fate is surely sealed
today uneasy happiness
tomorrow rest in the field
Feb 2015 · 384
Scot Powers Feb 2015
Hey there **** Roller girl
you really drive me mad
with that tiny bodice on
racing around the track

The swirling mass of energy
goes swiftly round and round
yells and screams ,and ****** knees
performing for the crowd

A once great sport returning now
a ladies game they say
but I have seen more contact there
than any hockey game.
Feb 2015 · 229
The Cold Wet Ground
Scot Powers Feb 2015
Through the years
and through the tears
we suddenly come to see
the damage we've done
to all those someones
takes root and begins to feed

Waking at night
not just from fright
the cold sweat does remain
the shivers that climb
up and down your spine
A reminder of all that pain

The pain you inflicted
whilst still in your youth
as you struggled to live with a theme
stomping on feelings
of those already reeling
with only one foot in the ring

Oh you will suffer
I promise you that
as what comes indeed goes around
remember this when
you cry for your sins
alone on the cold wet ground
Scot Powers Feb 2015
As I sat reading
one of the bards tales
the laughter within me
could not be quelled
he wrote with authority
he wrote with some wit
his words seemed to match
with the joint I just lit

As I continued
to peruse the tale
A voice from the kitchen
slightly derailed
my narrowing focus
had suddenly gone south
it seemed that I now
had cotton in my mouth

I reached for the glass
beside on the stand
intending to quench
the thirst I now had
but not taking an eye
off the page before
I clumsily knocked
the drink to the floor

I looked around
if any had seen
where was the cat
when I really need
a lackey , a scapegoat
on which to lay blame
The voice from the kitchen
called out my name

"What was that noise?"
inquired the voice
looking around
I had but one choice
Take off my socks
and sopp up the mess
down the hallway
came her footsteps

Quickly I scrubbed
and scrubbed some more
the cranberry juice
had stained the floor
suddenly there
before me appeared
the fuzzy red slippers
which I so feared

"You've stained the carpet!"
spat my angry wife
I quivered and shrank
hopefully out of sight
"I've told you before
"your not allowed."
"to sit and read stories
with liquid around."

With my head bowed
I went for the door
containing the machine
I'd used before
patiently she watched
as I cleaned the spot
removing the stain
which I had wrought
Thanks goes to Roger Turner,who got me thinking!!
Feb 2015 · 508
The Prophet
Scot Powers Feb 2015
Spreading division
spewing forth hate
an inferno was growing
instead of debate
unwilling to reason
unwilling to bend
he preached of restoring
his view of the faith

It mattered not
whom he'd killed
or made to suffer
infidels they 'd been
unworthy of life
in the creators grand scheme
they were lower than slug
the vision he'd seen

Attracted to him
were the lowest of low
the uneducated
would die for his cause
he peddled in hope
while selling his dream
taking out on the innocent
his satanic scheme

A loser in life
a loser in love
lashing out at his neighbors
demanding they look
upon his new greatness
surely they'd see
a man of importance
he'd finally be

Lines were now crossed
there was no going back
forces were gathering
a decisive strike back
with no more warnings
for none were required
the world would soon see
this prophet retired
Feb 2015 · 281
the Secret
Scot Powers Feb 2015
Standing tall
for all to see
majestic grace
reveal to me
the secret that
you hold so dear
the secret that
you hold so near
a mystery from ages past
that blooms as though
the day won't last
spreading out
into the world
loving embrace
needs no words
Jan 2015 · 357
Bitter Pill
Scot Powers Jan 2015
Outwardly awkward
perpetually alone
you stalk the night
by moonlights cold glow

Stay in the shadows
glare at the flow
bitter young man
witnesses the blow

The sirens they wail
cut through the night
race with out winners
fearing the light

For light brings the change
that none can abide
unwilling to take
chance for a bride

Surely you'll suffer
for all that you know
the price of permission
Bitter pill taken once more.
Jan 2015 · 379
The Banshee
Scot Powers Jan 2015
All at once the memories
come crashing to the fore
transporting me back in time
where I was yet once before

My hands began to tremble
shivers shook me to the core
sweat began to bead my brow
the clock struck half past four

The keening wail pierced the night
the Banshee's mournful cry
heralding yet another
passing of my kind

The creature it has followed us
from an early time
a transgression of an ancestor
brought this curse to life

Our family has a history
we came from on the moors
just poor Celtic farmers once
a past that is no more

Warily I look around
from ceiling the the floor
it seems that it has found me
its duty carried forth

I once thought this was fantasy
a scary story told
by my aging grand parents
when the nights were dark and cold

But now the horror strikes me
as I settle to the floor
I am the last one of my kind
The Banshee will cry no more
Jan 2015 · 242
Scot Powers Jan 2015
Lightly you did enter
at first merely a thought
but steadily each day it seems
you are closer to my heart

what is this fascination
that has me in its grip
fighting to keep my balance
as my deck begins to tip

tossed about relentlessly
the loving waves begin to crush
all the weight pressed down on me
oh it's such a rush
Jan 2015 · 293
Scot Powers Jan 2015
I hear you
but don't catch what you've said
sometimes I begin to wonder
if you are only in my head
real or imagined
you catch me every time
like a thief caught red handed
at the local five and dime

I know I've heard you call my name
clearly I'm not mad
but standing here alone in gloom
I make but one demand
finish your ****** sentence
don't leave me in a lurch
if you have something to say
let's have it quick and blunt

but time and time and time again
it plays out the very same
as I get to doing things
you whisper out my name
expecting, no wait, knowing
that I will drop everything
and slowly look around the room
inwardly wondering.
Dec 2014 · 752
A mile is the measure
Scot Powers Dec 2014
Sitting by the window
on a lonely summer night
watching as the sun began
dropping out of sight
staring at my cup
reflecting on the times
I reach for the bottle
filled with spirits,love and lies

I've walked
beneath the shadows of the trees
I've bathed in the sunlight
the warm waves washed me clean
I put myself in the shoes
of all that I do meet
a mile is the measure
humble pie is what I eat

The thunderclouds are gathering
around and in my head
stormy skies bring wailing cries
from those that have been wrecked
dashed upon the rocks of hope
so near yet so far
slowly slip beneath the waves
wishing on a star

I've walked
beneath the shadows of the trees
I've bathed in the sunshine
the warm waves washed me clean
I put myself in the shoes
of all that I do meet
a mile is the measure
humble pie is what I eat

I see you standing all alone
abandoned on the street
the misty traces of your lies
lining drawn cheeks
the vacant stare that you share
reveals the light within
an emerging flower
with the will to win

I've walked
beneath the shadows of the trees
I've bathed in the sunlight
the warm waves washed me clean
I put myself in the shoes
of all that I do meet
a mile is the measure
humble pie is what I eat
Sep 2014 · 405
Scot Powers Sep 2014
you do taunt me
as you move across my wall
a trick of light which brings fright
so eerily you flow
perhaps you are a remnant
of a tragic played out scene
wandering eternity
unaware of what has been

maybe you are something else
an ancient call to flight
natures way of warning me
of creatures in the night
Often I sit and watch you
and ask my self these things
then the room seems to grow cold
sometimes you move my things
the hairs on my neck arise
my ears begin to ring

I've seen you sitting mutely
out of the corner of my eye
but when I turn to greet you
there's nothing to describe
oh you have a story
which I long to receive
tap lightly on the wall at night
the secret that you keep

I am not so afraid of you
as once I had been
just a shadow of your former self
ever repeating scene
are you aware
of just what you've become
or is this what awaits us
after our curtain call

you do taunt me
as you move across my wall
real or imagined
a treat for us all
Sep 2014 · 395
Scot Powers Sep 2014
the choices that we make sometimes
can reveal many things
the sorrows that do follow us
as winter turns to spring
a winding path of reason
drives the inner beast
choosing self destruction
with one of many ways

the drugs you take to make it real
rob you of your sleep
the ***** is so succulent
warm waves that can't be beat
the roller coaster ride of life
can sometimes seem surreal
spinning uncontrollably
trapped within a wheel

the reasons for your journey
only you now hold the key
unlocking all the phantoms
setting the spirits free
don't let the anchors of your past
drag you deeper to the depths
of your sea of misery
sitting on your step

instead of looking inward
try reaching for a friend
find yourself an ally
on whom you can depend
someone who is willing
to take you by the hand
lead you out of trouble
out of this barren land

when the rays of sunshine
fall again upon your head
as the cobwebs do recede
no longer feeling the dread
of facing yet another day
trapped within the wheel
again the choices that you've made
continue to reveal
Jun 2014 · 396
Scot Powers Jun 2014
Awake in my skin
every sense reeling
imagined vertigo
taking control

falling yet rising
higher yet lower
unable to wake
adrift all alone

through doorways imagined
the journey never ends
soft voices calling
is this the end

light starts to penetrate
removing the veil
cobwebs receding  
from destiny's trail

distant cries
drift through the night
bring visions on wings
a beautiful sight

destiny's gates
swing open for me
like the arms of a lover
embracing the heat
Mar 2014 · 347
A Cry In The Night
Scot Powers Mar 2014
The loneliness came
on the wind through the rain
mournful tones sang a forlorn cry

spreading across fields
brought forth by the wheels
steam billowing out in the night

as the sound came to me
in my mind I could see
romantic evenings enjoyed

long lonely nights
alone with the light
running along on the rails

the old four four two
had a trick or two
if you tickled her gauges just right

stoking her belly
so hot and smelly
yet feeling at once so alive

the wind in your hair
as you contentedly stare
out along the path of the line

The little wooden station
sate people and engines
an oasis if ever one's seen

unloading the horde
and taking on more
conductor  calls " All Aboard"

with a shunt and a spin
the wheels begin
the journey resumes again

Again there's the sound
a cry in the night
that takes me back in time

when as a young man
I traveled the land
in search of a piece of mind
Mar 2014 · 892
One way ticket
Scot Powers Mar 2014
Fool them all each day it seems
double life bursting at the seams
straddle the line life or death
keep it going never going to rest

feels so good when your on the edge
climbing higher
never enough I said
all the lies that you've told before
don't matter when your cold on the floor

You bought a one way ticket
a one way ticket
you bought  a one way ticket

meet the dealer out back again
stained reality always there
you can taste it feel it in your gut
euphoric rush fills your soul with rot

Feels so good when your on the edge
climbing higher never enough I said
all the lies that you've told before
don't matter when your cold on the floor

you bought a one way ticket
a one way ticket
you bought a one way ticket down
Feb 2014 · 420
A Voice
Scot Powers Feb 2014
As the hands of time slowly trod
around the glowing dial
the musty flavor of the air
made the room strangely drier
a growing sense of dread ensued
as minutes turned to hours
silence became my enemy
a voice, all I desired

picked up on the way home
unsure of what transpired
shackled to the table now
weary and defiled
left to think about my crime
no  one would hear my voice
until a measured time had expired
the truth it will suffice

What crime have I been charged with
you must respect my rights
or is this a kangaroo court
my fate has been decided
all these thoughts  and many more
surface with passing time
silence is the enemy
it will control your mind

As silence slowly takes it's hold
of all of you desires
you will withdraw into a ball
confused but happy all the while
letting go of all your cares
is really a simple thing
without a voice of reason
your future is quite bleak

Footsteps ringing down the hall
steadily getting nearer
all the protests I will make
my voice they'll surely hear
a twist of the door handle
announces fate has arrived
as dread and hope fight for control
of my fragile mind
a blank faced man nods my way
he says"Your free to go".
shocked at hearing someone talk
I just gaped with out control

I found myself silent
unable to complain
gratefully I shook his hand
and then got on my way
this was the most boring
two hours of my life
there can be no question
next time I'll use my voice
Feb 2014 · 310
The Gallery
Scot Powers Feb 2014
Standing awash
in the light of inspirational splendor
a creation so bold
yet subtly sweeping
giving rise to emotional swells
that leave you reeling, gasping
catching your breath
like the rolling breakers
racing across the surface
of a large expanse of water
the meaning of life
never clearer than at this moment
when all senses collide
sight , sound , smell,
touching you
at the very core of your being
the gallery is vast
not just of painted things
experiences and pleasure
all at once it brings
flashes of past days
the parts that you have played
but all that really matters are
the lives that you have changed
for the better or the worse
none remain the same
a price worth admission
on any given day
Feb 2014 · 408
Who you really are
Scot Powers Feb 2014
Do you ever stand
and look into the wind
questioning the motives
behind your latest sin
was it just the pressure
that's been building up
or were you just becoming
who you really are
Feb 2014 · 864
Every once in a while
Scot Powers Feb 2014
Sitting by the campfire
singing song's that we all know
past glories half remembered
yet still funny when they're told
reflections of the scenery
open the eyelids of my soul
I've found life is like this
it's how you handle the load

Every once in  a while
I get to thinking
what's became of you
Every once in a while
I start smiling
I remember you

I still see you smiling
standing together on the porch
dancing to that song about fishing
and what to do in the dark
precious times fondly remembered
sometime before the fall
to travel back there someday
how do you climb a sheer wall

Every once in a while
I get to thinking
what's be came of you
Every once in a while
I start smiling
when I remember you

What is in a lesson
a pearl of wisdom for us all
heartache comes to many times
stripped and bled for all
castle's built of day dreams
crumble and they fall
I've found life is like this
catch me if I fall

Every once in a while
I start to thinking
what became of you
Every once in a while
I start crying
as I remember you

Sitting round the campfire
my stories have been told
glowing embers bring warmth
give you comfort from the cold
I'll get in my car now
maybe head out for the coast
I've found life is like this
it's how you travel your road

Every once in a while
I start to thinking
what became of you
Every once in a while
I start smiling
as I remember you
Jan 2014 · 529
Perfectly Hung Picture
Scot Powers Jan 2014
Eternal sentinel
reflecting light
perfectly hung picture
grey and white

silently observe
our destructive ways
as you move
controlling the waves

Forcing the rises
and dips in the seas
circular motions
make one ill at ease

Holding our wonder
from early times
stories abound
childhood rhymes

Visitors you've had
but only a few
conquering hero's
but was it all true

Races between nations
still to this day
while millions starve
we're planting a flag

Yet looking upon you
in the azure blue
hang on the horizon
rich amber hues

Every night I still look up
into the sky
gaze upon your beauty
contentedly I sigh
Jan 2014 · 731
Scot Powers Jan 2014
A desert flower
diamond in the rough
warms a place
in my heart
strengthen the bond
over years to come
keeping the flame
from burning out

Lessons taught
and lessons learned
over time
the path does curve
to bring you slowly
face to face
understanding the value
of time and place

To share a place
and some time
remove the shades
from your eyes
open now
for you to see
a lonesome dove
floats so free
Jan 2014 · 491
Missing all the moments
Scot Powers Jan 2014
Sitting here reflecting
upon a friend now lost
missing all the moments
when we brought down the walls

The music it was magic
the feelings moving with the time
changing yet always constant
a never rhyming rhyme

Ten years they passed so swiftly
t'was really quite a ride
the bands they changed
yet we remained
bonded for the time

Ups and downs
there were a few
we crossed the divide
living for the songs
one living note at a time

Nobody had
the same rapport
nobody ever could
nobly we played the notes
man it was good

You have gone
Yet I remain
a true and solid friend
remembering with fondness
all the moments spent

These two years
have gone so quick
it's really hard to digest
sometimes I sit and listen
you really haven't left
Two years ago today Brian Guest was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident, we played together for a decade we laughed , we learned , but most importantly WE PLAYED!
I miss you my brother.
R I P  Brian Guest  Apr 14 1973 - Jan 8 2012
Jan 2014 · 407
Just around the corner
Scot Powers Jan 2014
Running on empty
the way that I roll
rebel for nothing
can't find a cause
dissidant   reason
stems the flow
distant horizon
for which I've set course

Just around the corner
I stand to make a change
just around the corner
I stand to make some gains

Measured reactions
to words laced with barbs
unreal sensations
leaves me quite stunned
brash objections
to all that I've done
makes me wonder
where I went wrong

Just around the corner
I stand to make a change
Just around the corner
I stand to make some gains
Dec 2013 · 408
Scot Powers Dec 2013
As the flickering images
slowly fade from the screen
emotions have been heightened
as darkness recedes
there sits a witness
to the fact
and to the screen
salty drops
of his soul
roll slowly down his cheeks

The memories returned
as they always do
an emotional pain filled journey
passing through the gloom
from joy filled times
to tragedy
he'd surely seen them all
watching the years go slowly by
how long must it go on

How long must one suffer
until they feel the need
to throw off that cloak
set their soul free
look upon past folly
with an ear to ear grin
cheering like a spectator
at a title event

A life can be wasted
by sitting idly
whining and pining
lamenting your days
Life can be hard
and rarely is it fair
but the strength of your spirit
has got you to here

Here at the crossroads
a choice must be made
a path must be traveled
a toll must be paid
but how you accept
is all up to you
remember this when
memories haunt you
Dec 2013 · 987
The Tent
Scot Powers Dec 2013
"Beware  ye that enter!"
" a word to the wise"
shouted out the pitcher
while pointing inside
There before me sat a tent
arrows pointing out the way
while the surging wave of people
forced me on my way

The sign it read Beware
in letters  big and bold
what you will see in here
will make your blood run cold
grisly noises and some screams
emerged from the tent's fold

Closer I was pushed
to the awnings door
among the throngs of people
to my uncles leg I clung
the feeling I had was tense
unsure of what to do
the yawning mouth engulfed us
my eyes dare not leave the floor

A Man Eating Chicken
was what the sign proclaimed
pictured in my young mind
a horrific feast
but what sat there before us
shocked me into dismay
a gluttonous man in checkered shirt
greedily filling his face

On the table before him
sat the poor carcass
ripped apart with savagery
a bird once so robust
the crowd let out a laugh
and the let out  a sigh
as we were ushered out
into the noonday sky
Dec 2013 · 1.1k
Scot Powers Dec 2013
Moonlight danced upon me
lighting my darkened path
searching ever seeking
a partner for this dance
will you come and take a chance
a twirl in the night
while laughing close together
searching each others eyes

Moonlight danced upon us
as we twirled to and fro
laughing and rejoicing
making patterns in the snow
living for the moment
breathe each and every breath
sharing moments together
along this winding path
Dec 2013 · 348
A Star
Scot Powers Dec 2013
A Star
merely a person
painted against
a kalidascopic  societal view
upon whom the hopes
and aspirations of the masses
focus and ****

Driving ever forward
to some unknown end
as the masses want more
the star retreats
all at once
what he had craved
haunts him daily
life in a cage

a luxury that
no longer exists
the worlds eyes upon you
ripping your mental fabric

seek your name and presence
in order to maintain
the momentum
that their message
seems to intend
but often are drivin
not by the need for help
but for financial gain.

you trade your soul
for a star beside your name
just to bask
in an unreal "fame"
never again will you be
just a name upon the screen
Dec 2013 · 1.1k
Paradise lost
Scot Powers Dec 2013
The professor was mad
it was clear to us all
fantastic ideas
right off the wall
seeing the world
through his crooked way
gave all of us students
laughter for days

We reported for class
on the 15th of May
I must now confess
a memorable day
his topic that day
was a paradise lost
deep in the jungles
he'd go at all cost's

An expedition he'd mount
would I like to go ?
adventure soon seemed
to grip my soul
I talked with my parents
I talked with my girl
they all encouraged
this voyage from home

We gathered supplies
that we thought we'd need
but not knowing for sure
a gamble indeed
we then secured passage
on a ***** steamer
destined for the island
where the valley lay hidden

The day soon arrived
when we bid goodbye
to friends and our family
my girl she cried
she begged me be safe
and stay far from harm
I turned to leave
and she grabbed my arm

The look in her eyes
I'll never forget
searching and longing
full of regret
I may never return
or if I can
I may not remain
the very same man

I gently reassured her
we will be safe
upon our arrival
we will celebrate
The professor will lecture
to very large crowds
we will get married
and then settle down

Two weeks at sea
torture to me
rolling and bobbing
like a cork in the sea
the professor would not
let this deter him
stolidly he put on
a very brave grin

Over the horizon
the island took form
soon we were being
rowed into shore
the coxswain advised
they'd be back at slack tide
we'd better be there
or they'd leave us behind

We gathered our goods
right there on the beach
took a read of our bearings
and set on our way
we climbed through the mist
that clung to the hills
marveling at all
the sights and the smells

Finally we reached
the valley we sought
the professor's composure
was completely lost
he laughed and he jumped
screaming "I was Right!"
I fell to my knees
after my very first sight

Paradise was before us
I could scarcely believe
we sat and drew sketches
and took photographs
wrote in our journals
observations we made
The professor was planning
a brilliant display

We descended into
the valley beneath
and then set up camp
to stay for the eve
we talked of our discovery
and of impending fame
the magic was broken
as if all at once
a terrifying roar
emerged from the brush

The Lizard it lunged
staring straight at me
the professor let out
an ear piercing shriek
another had grabbed
him from behind
he struck it with a stick
picked up from the ground

We ran for our lives
and left everything
scrambling back
out of the valley
lucky we were
lucky indeed
over the crest
we ran for the beach

We would be early
where could we hide
staying out there
would be suicide
the lizards were coming
out of the hills
tounges sniffing the air
searching for us
intent on the ****

We climbed up an out crop
just out of reach
and hoped that our perch
would really be safe
we stayed there for hours
until the next day
when a flare did signal
help on the way

Back on the steamer
we would then relate
our strange experience
narrowly escaped fate
we thanked the captain
for his returning
to that strange island
a little early

We arrived back at home
there was much hurrah
family and friends
and a very warm bed
my girl then asked me
just what we saw
I related the story
as she stared in awe

The professor retained
a place where to teach
to my girl I was married
we moved by the beach
often at night
we look out to sea
paradise lost
we'll never again seek
Dec 2013 · 538
Scot Powers Dec 2013
As the reel of past events
slowly does unwind
pictures and emotions
seem to drift like the tide

As the waves come rushing in
embrace the flowing light
take a trip upon the wind
like a leaf taking flight

Soaring ever higher
vision blooming like a flower
suspended in a tranquil mist
watching events transpire

Knowing you can't change events
a stunned witness you remain
muted as you shout inside
with regrets your soul is stained

Look into the future
with a heart that's burden free
don't take the past and wear it
just like Marley's chains

Make amends then move on
life is short you see
enjoy the days that you have
set your spirit free

Don't cry to me of hardships
we all have paid a price
everybody has a past
and another set of lies

The things I think that matters most
are the connections that are made
truly understanding
what the other has to say

When we meet eye to eye
on equal ground we stand
looking through the others eyes
examining ourselves

Smile a lot and say hello
to everyone you meet
together we can re form a bond
we once called society
Dec 2013 · 404
After the dawn
Scot Powers Dec 2013
Howling wind
and drifting snow
defies all bounds
that I know
a winter chill
does set in
to the bone
the cold creeps in

A clearing sky
few clouds remain
cold winds burn
bring you pain
as your flesh
freezes white
mind goes numb
frost starts to bite

As you gaze
up to the sky
you ask yourself
how and why
have you found
yourself out here
all that's left
is the fear

fear of what
will come to pass
a night out here
you will not last
a frozen corpse
in the morn
no worries left
after the dawn
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