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Nov 2019
What a dog!
He never ceases to amaze me
Night before last he was up at 2:30 am and again at 4:15
After letting him out and taking him out
Five or 6 times,
I had to leave for an appointment
He was hungry early in afternoon
Gobbled his dry food before I added the white meat chicken.
Let him out where I thought he would rest
Under a shade tree in the 96 degree heat.
My husband asked "Where is Scout?"
I said he was by the porch
Before I went to brush my teeth.
Now disappeared, so I walk around the house
Listening for movement in the woods
Calling occasionally
Although he is pretty deaf
Finally I go back in and tell husband
I am driving to neighbor to see if he has
Crossed the road
Gone through the woods
About 1/2 mile
Call neighbor and tell her I am coming over
We all are outside,
She and her three dogs
When around the front of her house
Comes guess who-Scout
She insists on taking him in for a treat
And he wants water-it is 96 degrees Fahrenheit on October 3.
She also insists on keeping him
while my husband and I attend a meeting.
Pick Scout up afterwards
He is happy to see me
And ready to go home for the night.
What a Dog!
Written by
Sandra Lee
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