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 Oct 2016 Joz
 Oct 2016 Joz
Hey there,
In this tiring yet beautiful night,
I just want to share my 1 A.M. thoughts.

Dear you,
I fell in love for who you are today
But fell deeper,
For what you've been all this time,
I like spending time alone,
But with you,
Time has become more precious,
I used to wait for rainny days,
But with you,
Every moments become my favourite,
I like all of your bright side
But your darkest side,
Haunt me to know you more.
You're not a whole box of happiness
Cause you are not a box of chocolate,
You're a box of salty caramels.
You're a whole package of bitter, sweet, salty, and sour.
You made my life complete,
Cause you are, you.

Thankyou, you
 Sep 2016 Joz
Til We Meet Again
 Sep 2016 Joz
I wish you were right here,
Right now,
With me,
Together we pass this fcking tiring day,
Cause everywhere i go,
I saw your shadows,
Everytime i turn around,
I caught your glimpse,
Every sound i heard,
It resembled yours,
I always imagine how you would solve all of these,
I wonder how you would speak,
How you would act,
How you would smile this pain away,
But i know, i really know,
I can't ask for more,
Cause I'm nobody.
And still,
I'll be waiting for you with a strong heart,
Til' we meet again
I hope so
 Sep 2016 Joz
Hard to keep,
Even harder to let go,
You know it's difficult,
Yet you you want to stay still,
You keep denying this feeling,
Yet you don't know when to give up,
It's neither that you measure how strong you've been,
Nor to test your ability to love,
You know these words so well,
Its strike your heart badly,
But nevermind when you get to see his smile,
Cause all that matter is his happiness,
Even if it has to take yours forever,
It's a voice inside your heart,
That keep reminding you of him,
Keep reminiscing the warmth feeling,
And before you realized it,
You had been fallin' in love with him secretly, deeply, and uncontrollably.
Feeling so blue
 Sep 2016 Joz
Hey, you
 Sep 2016 Joz
Hey there,
We've just met and I see nothing in front of us,
Yet somewhere in my heart,
Wants to know about you more,
I want to hear all of your stories,
The most beautiful story,
Even the dumbest and silliest story,
Or the most painful story.
I dont know how much pain you've been endured this whole time,
Walking in a scattered invisibly broken glass,
But you can share it with me,
Tell me boy,
What are you thinking right now?
Share the unnecessary things,
Let the plot flow,
You can add up some details as you like,
Make it even crazier,
Or even more black and white,
It's okay cause it will turn to be a wonderful memory,
You and I,
Walk across the broken glass together,
Fix it and broke it again,
Cause I'm telling ya,
You're not worth the pain anymore,
You are worth to be fought for,
Yes, we'll share our power together
Let's share the burden together
 Apr 2016 Joz
 Apr 2016 Joz
After all this time,
All this pain,
This stupid tears,
This broken heart,

It's always been you.

After all of my madness,
All of my ignorance,
All of my rejections,
All of my anger,

It's always been you. Still.

I just...
don't want you to hurt me again,

— The End —