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Samar Almont May 2017
So I've heard
There’s nothing like grandpas
There’s nothing like grandmas
There’s nothing like aunts, uncles
So I've heard
But I've only heard.

That there’s nothing like brothers,
There’s nothing like feathers
of a bird that ***** it’s wings together

There is nothing
So I’ve heard.

So I’ll tell you what nothing is like

Nothing is like death
Nothing is like the breathe
you take from the dead
Nothing is like the the mould you see
on a rotten bread

I’m not intending to rhyme

It’s the nothing that draws me to write and paint
It’s the nothing that keeps me up at night so late

Less clutter and clamour
Less issues and matters
Less talk and blabber

Nothing is what it’s like
Nothing is nothing to be frank

So the next time you say there’s nothing like…

Consider for a moment those who have lived without.
Samar Almont May 2017
I’ve spent minutes and hours of time
Avoiding home
Avoiding blame
Avoiding what brought them shame

I’ve spent days and nights listening to talks of what is and what is not right

I’ve spent years figuring out
What I am
And what I should
And shouldn't be like

I've spent a lifetime understanding the path I see
And if I am able to see what i see
I was blind you see
I couldn't see I was blind
That there was something to see
It was me

And now on this road I walk
With a clear view of what’s underneath

I never want to go blind again
I am determined

But this time with eyes
So let me be
Don't blind me
Samar Almont Mar 2017
Her pink cheeks
Flushed out of blood,
Her lips a cold blue
Her neck slanting forward sitting on the cold wooden floor
Shivering hands tremble to touch her and wake her
Tears too many to dry

Calling her name
Her children quickly surround her
Each distressed with fear
Their voices trembling too

Is it too late to save her
Have we neglected her suffering
Have we been too blind to see
The life she gave to us with love so gracefully
Samar Almont Mar 2017
You speak of death
As if it were
Not flesh disfigured
And soul skinned
From human bones
But a past fact
A present reality
And a future dream
Samar Almont Mar 2017
And i worry

I won't find the words to write
What i saw, heard and felt

And i worry
That others haven't a clue of what is to see, hear and feel

And i worry
With my pencil lying across my bedside table
About what i should fill these white pages with

And i worry
While others only wish for
A pencil
A table
Or white pages
To fill
With their worry

And i worry
Samar Almont Mar 2017
I'm torn between celebrating and grieving
Eid has come but so have the dead
Happiness is struggling to rise
From the density of sadness
Samar Almont Mar 2017
The night runs out
Colourful dreams wash away
While sleepless horrors commence
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