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Samantha Jan 2014
your daughter is infected;
writhing as she sleeps in too-thin-skin,
afraid the already permeable peach might catch,
impaled by some night terror
inching out under her eardrums and eyelids.
any other orifice blackened with rot,
and skin crawling with creeping creatures, cutting comfortable
dugouts and sleeping quarters in her heels,
beginning to pull and tear as
one-by-one pests patrolled her leg bones.
cauldron of guts, blood, oil, trouble and toil,
stirred to churn, to gurgle;
Out from up her hip bones the maggots marched,
All her demons expurgated,
Slithering out and flicking forked tails,
Winking kisses with blind eyes
Samantha Dec 2013
No thanks
,I'm actually not
In the mood to slug on
;To slip on someone elses shift
,Perpetuate a cyclical consumerist paradigm
.The product is stale and sickening ,I'll stick to my own
Samantha Dec 2013
I follow him in the kitchen
We prepare saucepans;
onion, garlic, tomato, pesto, cheeses,
some flavour of the day...
(We're a fickle two)
Boil water, cream
Bubble, salt to taste
Cayenne for luck

He grabs and mixes and I trail,
Closing cupboards and sliding shut drawers the only sounds,
Otherwise silent in our routine.
No good will come of this
silence in our routine
Samantha Dec 2013
The ones that hurt aren't so much the ones  you think will ***** you quick and fly away.
With bold bodies and buzzing intent,
Their stingers are naught but hollow.

Even the sweet ones, stained glass window wings and beguiling antennae,
Pretty they may be, and with pollen'd feet that may for a while stick,
They fade surely with the setting sun.

The Spiders though, who weave, entrap, eat
Eight eyes painted with ardour and appendages caressing as
Your effigy is constructed;
'Tis they who stay for good
To habit the cupboards
A song misunderstood.
Samantha Dec 2013
Staring at my cigarette,
Scolding it for not burning
And, as if in synchronicity,
She speeds, spiraling, licking the fainted lines
Of the off-white cylinder
With a fiery tongue.

See me run and
Squeeze a little more.
Set on asphyxiation
And then hold me tighter;
your Humerus bending as my Little Ribs expand
Samantha Nov 2013
(really it is from several years past)

I swallowed a stone today.
It was no larger than a penny,
no lighter than a brick;
It went down smooth as honey

Usually when one swallows stones
It is the careful chosen sort;
Much attention paid to the details of it-
Any bumps, smoothed and sanded...
Gold and Ivory, Jaded streaks smoldered in...
A polished treasure sat snug in
A Deep Blue Velvet box.

I did not chose my stone,
Nor had I chance to smooth out its cracks, crevices.
I was the chosen rather, all too carefully.
'Twas not a stone to be tinkered with...
just did not seem correct.

Blundering my voice box,
tangling singing strings with Heart string,
making a mess of it all.
Speechless and always with a slight throbbing pang
When I tried to shout that stone jumped,
Clattering and clogging up the pipes.

Smoothed by riverbeds, kisses from fishes
With translucent flesh to put
Peridot veins on display,
I always knew the worth.
My stone only settle in the back of my throat
Away from the acids of below,
Poison rising above.
No larger than a penny, and heavy as a brick,
But it went down smooth as honey.
Samantha Nov 2013
Seven days spent lost in the rogue North
Octagonal windows framed a snowed in view.
In the kitchen, sun soaking in like honey,
The kids sat eating oranges.
Two cats humming and a sheepdog dozed
Under a thick maple table, flavoured as last nights fresh game
Lullabies deep as eyes were heavy
Fire stoked and a Mickey Mouse Christmas shining brightly,
playing cards, I  laughed that it was just November.
Two sets of ice blue eyes, no blood in between.
And six sets, shades of green-blue-brown,
Each the nicest pair you'd ever seen.
I fell in love with the eight,
Always their eyes first I'll admit.
And now my heart lay in
A long house, teepee on the dock.
The purest cold blue I'd ever know
To crash upon iced rock.
All the trees you would ever need,
A conglomerate of green;
Until the day I die, the holiest place I've been
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