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 Nov 2019 saint
 Nov 2019 saint
just for a moment
i step inside
i kiss one guy
i turn around
close the door
and kiss one more
 Jul 2019 saint
Nicole Alyssia
with each passing day,
i realize
with increasing certainty
that there are not many
out there like

cut from a different cloth.

perhaps, you haven't been
properly warned
about me.
 Jul 2019 saint
mickey finn
I finished my anthology today.
So 42 months after I first started it, it is done. I bled myself dry, and finished it.
It’s called Golden. And if any of you want to know more about it, get in touch!

(You all got a mention in it, by the way).
 Nov 2018 saint
Banele Msimango
Young lady gave me the look, the same one the mother gave me the previous day I walked by, I guess the hate is genetically motivated. They looked at me until I became what they were looking for. A giant being full of the melanin. I won't let my tears drop for this, am a being, I'll keep walking till I become one of them.

— The End —