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  Nov 2016 RW Dennen
Under the eaves of rippling pinstriped shades
laughter rides rowdy gusts of briny breezes.
Beady-eyed gulls peer at checkered paper offerings
while sunlight glaring, beams, and time that old cliche, freezes.
I still and cast an imploring gaze, to capture nostalgia before it fades.

Mingled, mangled scents surround me like sultry words
wide smiles ablaze despite looming threats to food and fingers.
As the sunset dives behind willowy waves and looming greys,
dulcet tones from a carousel twinkling lingers.
Someone in the peripheral teases,"This place is for the birds."

Clawing toes scuttle along the weathered wooden planks.
I wonder, were they always such a greedy lot?
Then my musings drifting, steep and fly away.
Scoring the horizon with hungry eyes, instinctively I plot
to savor sun-kissed ocean memories with no by-your-leave or thanks.
A seagull for a day
  Nov 2016 RW Dennen
Grandma's dress at the end was a sling around her
left leg and arm attached to a rope
and pulley we thought, or I did at five, was fun
to pull on
her exercise
she couldn't talk
but made expressive grunts to garner my mom's attention
when she saw me doing wrong
going into a room I shouldn't have
she was all there except
for verbalizing and being one sided
I liked to cuddle with her  
I still see it all
RW Dennen Nov 2016
A  belated "Hallows Eve" poem
I dare you to read and sleep well tonight
he he he !!!

...Wisp of the willow
waning of sun
Sounding breezes
in "Willow-Wisp-Run"

Sail on the night air,
phantoms will scare
with gathering of night clouds
in darkness of air

Moon on the dark side
as dead leaves fall,
visions of shadows
embracing us all

Phantoms caress us
on a dancing wind
Their breath be of coldness
upon your goose-bumping-skin

Green eyes of burning
night phantoms we see,
your body will shiver
your soul to be free

Night specters in black
in "Willow-Wisp-Run"
like black-widow spiders
and sticky-webs spun

Down the dark basement
a slithering spot moves
enticing phantoms
to eat of its ooze

Death now surrounds you
in thickness air
Flies on the ceiling
and foul smelly air
Blood splashed in crmson
like a phantom's stare

Screeching of night things
hooting of owls,
the sound of these spirits;
the dancing dead,
breath comes in tremors,
feet cannot run
feeling the night air;
wishing the sun

Whispering willow,
waning of sun,
voices of phantoms
in "Willow-Wisp-Run"
RW Dennen Jun 2016
Sad wide eyes of homelessness
A murderous winter
falls without Mercey
The morgue fills with tenants
This is a word haiku not in syllable style
RW Dennen May 2016
Being spring thinking it most apropos
for welcoming in our
so sought after warming friend
that influences both attitude and behavior as well
Meanwhile bursting pinkish and white blossoms of cherry and dogwood and the resurrection of tulips, of crocus
of bright yellow daffodils, in accordance, of perfumed scented purple hyacinth
All fall in spring patterns as hues of color and natural perfumed air flourishes everywhere
The air is filled with connecting one being to another
Each being is enthralled with the heated day
Birds chirp on nature's timetable
in genetic rhythm
Warmth fills our nostrils mixed with mother nature in blossoming  fragrance
This new warming day envelopes your body
like a true lover
Your stiffened shoulders and body relax with each easy step taken
Spring skies vanquish the dismal and grey days
revealing a blue and sunny canopy with white billowing clouds
extending into a blue dazzling horizon
Still and at ease are your and my thoughts
as remorseful thinking is now of cheer
And the relaxed warmth and happy chatter
of outside awakened people break the harsh-cold-winter silence

Have you felt your mind and body relax and smile after listening
my dear friends?

A revision from 2014m
And i say, "ahhhhhhhhhhh almost time for shorts;
sandles and a light t-shirt."
RW Dennen Mar 2016
What golden hearts
seek other souls of gold
What gentle tears roll down from
weeping eyes of red
For escaping hearts
run against the gauntlet from the past
a trodden road that lingers on to ever last
In sadness rendered, comes the twilight from
the dim
to feel the freedom of brightness light within
Comes the brightness your smiling eyes reveal
a radiant countenance of warming flesh and not of steel
What cherished thoughts
I lay them at your feet
your accepting love
and searching eyes so dearly sweet
It's you and me my radiant dove,
a sparkling brightness
of our love...
RW Dennen Feb 2016
This is to pay homage to our very smart calico-color-cat
She talks too much even talks back and on her collar
a heart-shaped name-tag bears her name, "Reese"
being the lover of people...

You see, too many other behaviors so lovingly insane
she bears a reflection in short verse
I can only explain...

You see, she gives a parlor welcome
by rolling on the floor
our feline watchman
for the opening of the front-room door

You see, she sits so
like the sphinx
upon the sea of sand
so reverent, so silent, so grand

You see, she thinks she's Cleopatra
gliding across the room
chasing imagined whatevers
in an endless purring tune

You see, she likes to:
Side swipe, give a loving bite, bump a head,
be on our bed, dizzy dance, be in a trance
kiss her head, eat with love, tap our leg, and
open our bedroom door...WOW!!!

You see, watching furry *****,
her crumpled way to sleep
sleeping in many places curiosity to seek
and once upon your leg-bed
so cozy, so warm, so deep

You see, she's the lion in Africa
on an earthy colored rug
chasing toy animals
and an imagined turtle dove

You see, she drops her favorite toy
besides our bedroom door
making trust and love
will forever endure

You see she dashes up our steps
and flies all around;
practicing for tryouts- seemingly-
as a dashing circus clown

You see, with her sorcerer's spell
think or mention her name
then BAM!!...out of the blue
she's walking in your domain

You see, her hiding in foliage
is nothing but a chair
ready to playfully pounce
upon a toy duck in despair

You see, her eyes of staring wisdom
burrow right into you
A beautiful loving feline
from the university of feline U

You see, she gives us orders
what not to do
because her alma mater is feline U

You see, she's cat-dog-human
perplexing as can be
Makes one wanna climb
the highest nearest tree

You see, she licks her coat of colors
of Reese peanut butter candy cups
of brown and dark and milky chocolate
one of her many ups

After all, this list keeps growing
and must be cut short
I must collect my thoughts, for many things to sort...

Thank you and Reese says, "MEOW." (as always)
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