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Royce w Oct 2014
And in fire I will not burn
And in raging waters I will not drown
Amongst the highest cliffs I will not fall
I may stumble, but I will never feel
the pain of hitting the ground
I may go under, but I will always resurface
I may feel heat, but my soul will never be scorched.
Only in God are these things true
And only in truth will you find God.
It has been 3 months..
Three long months
Since I found you in your room....

Still, still as a sleeper
I thought you were just passed out...
Still...I could not wake you
My heart just raced...

Still, I tried to shake you
I thought you would awake...
Still...your lips looked blue
Still, was your body as he laid  you on your back

Still...I had to call 911
I tried to resuscitate....
Still...I thought I could save you
But you would not wake

Still...the sound of sirens
Many people rushing in
Still...I thought they would save you
But my heart just breaks....

Still... is the sounds in your room now
Still and gone is your loving voice
Still my mind can't comprehend
That my first born no longer
walks this earth...

Still... is the night
Still... is my heart
Still... are your sisters and Dad
Still... is our life
...Without You...
I still can't believe your gone...Angela Michelle Faye Martin...
Don't forget your Mother's love and my arms wrapping you in a hug....
Love Forever....Mom

— The End —