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 May 2015 Royce w
Jason Cole
 May 2015 Royce w
Jason Cole
somebody pray for me
why don't you pray
just bow your head and pray for me
done went and lost my direction
i wander 'round aimlessly

got one foot in my coffin
the other's in the grave
get so sick of livin'
'cause i'm tired most everyday
please pray
somebody bow their head for me
i'm lonely as a prisoner
my heart is shade 'neath the tree

somebody pray for me
why don't you pray
just bow your head and pray for me
when i look at my reflection
my eyes are filled with misery

Mama she ain't lyin'
when she says what's on my brain
but i can't stop her cryin'
she sees right through my pain
Mama pray
just bow your worried head for me
you know i ain't been forgiven
and i'm so scared i'll never be

somebody pray for me
why don't you pray
just bow your head and pray for me
i just turned my head up to Heaven
midnight's all i seen
Another song. Slow tempo. Mournful blues ballad in minor key.
*Note: Mama prayed and the Lord delivered me from on high...
One day you'll grow up
And your eyes will stop reflecting galaxies
And start reflecting the weather.
It has been 3 months..
Three long months
Since I found you in your room....

Still, still as a sleeper
I thought you were just passed out...
Still...I could not wake you
My heart just raced...

Still, I tried to shake you
I thought you would awake...
Still...your lips looked blue
Still, was your body as he laid  you on your back

Still...I had to call 911
I tried to resuscitate....
Still...I thought I could save you
But you would not wake

Still...the sound of sirens
Many people rushing in
Still...I thought they would save you
But my heart just breaks....

Still... is the sounds in your room now
Still and gone is your loving voice
Still my mind can't comprehend
That my first born no longer
walks this earth...

Still... is the night
Still... is my heart
Still... are your sisters and Dad
Still... is our life
...Without You...
I still can't believe your gone...Angela Michelle Faye Martin...
Don't forget your Mother's love and my arms wrapping you in a hug....
Love Forever....Mom
 Oct 2014 Royce w
Desire, you taunt me with jeers on your face,
Dagger at your back, you maneuver with grace
And ever so inviting is your touch in this place
That I fall in the dark every time in disgrace
For the worst psychological abuse is that from the mind,
You lure me, deceive me, then stab me behind
With the blow of a thousand wounds from old crimes,
And your once tempting smile I could no longer find.
Shadowed in cruelty, the mind is amused
When her host feels degraded, defeated and abused.
Loathe thee not your actions, no err on your end,
I'm fighting a war not even I comprehend.
Worry not, my love, protector and friend,
It is my own fears that will never see end.
But yea, what is this aching that burns in my skin?
it's once more the lust that laughs from within.

— The End —