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Ian Robinson Oct 2021
The intimacy of being known
The intimacy of doing something without being asked
The intimacy of doing literally anything with that person
Only because it's that person.
The intimacy of waking up next to that person
The intimacy of being woken up by that person
The intimacy of remembering what someone likes
The intimacy of remembering what someone dislikes
The intimacy of not needing to remember just doing it
The intimacy of reciprocating the energy of that person
The intimacy of being that energy
The intimacy of feeling human with someone
The intimacy of making someone else feel human
The intimacy of doing something only for that person without them knowing it was you
The intimacy of having something done for you without your knowledge of who, when, and how
The intimacy of appreciating someone's existence
The intimacy of your existence being appreciated
The intimacy of being in their presence
The intimacy in knowing if one were to explain how they felt they'd only being annoying and everything they said would be pointlessly wasted and feel meaningless to the reciprocant
The intimacy in having no ability to stand up for oneself against someone
The intimacy of being able to work through PTSD for someone
The intimacy of being able to ignore instinct for someone
The intimacy in learning oneself with someone

The love we don't see, is the most important to me
Ian Robinson Sep 2021
The cool breeze side-to-side
With a smile and a hard glare
The child in me wants to take you back
It's hard trying to show you what's within
When I know I have nothing
But forward momentum left.

Somehow I feel deep inside,
That the hard rock-rolled beach
Is where we should call home
And it's selfish of me to say,
I want to see you walk into that
Glacier Water Lake again
A fluid contradiction
Ian Robinson Sep 2021
I heard your voicemail,
It wasn't meant for me
You said his name again
Called me him, again.
I forgave you in the moment because
It's the forgiveness I don't feel after
That speaks the most.
The hurt and pain
Deep within the vast ocean of love
hoping I'll be enough
And I know it's not your fault,
The blame reaches you anyways.

But for your fractured mind,
I still feel your heart bleed
Ian Robinson Sep 2021
The contradictions I speak
Stem from craving versus desire
The passion I feel,
Against the love I harbour
Flow freely from face value
But caught and fought in fire
Of what I want, to what I want to give you
It's hard to remember to love oneself when all one wants is to love someone else
Ian Robinson Sep 2021
People don't want what they don't deserve
The bad, and the good.
And it's evident I don't deserve anything.
Ian Robinson Aug 2021
I smell the steak you grilled last night,
It lingers

I feel the chills and instinct run heel to head,
Urging my forward gentle belligerence

I hear the faint disjointed breaths that take an eternity, and no time at all when you sleep

I taste the emotions that overpour from your steam engine and cap, remember to release the pressure sometimes

I see only what's in front of me, and what will be in front of me and all I see is you.
Ian Robinson May 2021
If I was ever renting a room in your heart,
Its surely closed off with cation tape.
However, a step through the door,
will reveal a well kept, seemingly pristine world.
After-all, I gave you what you wanted,
Nothing but the world.
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