May 25 redinblue
waking up this morning
to inhale and realize
you haven't tasted air this fresh
in so long
your starved lungs gasp
and they expand
in relief and worship
your skin feels the sun rays
and you realize that the
trees have grown so tall
they are tapping at your windows
and the sunrays
are playing hide and seek
in between
waking up this morning
to realize that the sky
is a new shade of blue
with some yellow, some purple
a whole lot of orange
wondering why people wait on rainbows
when skies like these exist
there is a freshness in the air
there is a jump in my step
has that engraved pathway always been so beautiful
have those flowers always been so bright?
i notice the freckles on my roommates cheeks
i notice how red and grand the hair of the girl in my anthropology class shines
i notice that my glasses are such a lovely shape
and my eyes look so big and brown and light and deep
my curls are so warm to me, they treat me so well
and the color orange kisses my golden skin
waking up this morning
to inhale and realize
today is a beautiful day;
this is a beautiful life
and i am doing better than just okay.
~ spring vibes ~

wake up & realize i missed a few seasons in sadness
redinblue Jan 3
love has no reasons
this irrational certainty
i think, for you
and about you
and with you
is love.
redinblue Oct 2017
out of everything else
that has happened
even if i felt hurt,

mama's heart broke
too many times
and it still is

i don't know how long more
till we stop breaking
her dear

yet mama,
she still breaks into
a smile
for us

  Aug 2017 redinblue
few words are left to say
goodbye is the loudest.
  Jun 2017 redinblue
I have never stuttered in pen
misspoken in ink
or choked in my writing
the way I do
whenever I speak
my fingertips always know
the right words to say
my tongue is still learning
redinblue Apr 2017
i'm gonna try to accustom my self to discomfort
born privileged, first-world country,
loving family,
what more ugly words can one let out her tongue
till she realises that imperfection is perfect
and just to have another breath
and feel the wind against one's skin
is beautiful
how beautiful it is to live
redinblue Apr 2017
maybe its times like this
when you're only with yourself
memories of everyone you ever met
return to your presence of mind.

yet, do your thoughts of them
reflect your significance in their lives?

perhaps we tend to impose our importance
on those we remember most
for me, maybe one more thing to learn today:
the only reality of my existence.
in my insignificance.
and my triviality.

no one remembers, and why should they?
you're alone, my friend.
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