a smile - all me can afford for now,
all those tears used up,
all left is mine little heart, bankrupt.

peace - my only state, alas,
the little heart has nothing to lose
from what has never been.

yet, never a single cent of love
from the heart's expenses, be a waste
even if there was nothing, in return.

  6d redinblue
Confide all you want
But listening ears bleed too
If only you’d see
  6d redinblue
Keep me safe.

Keep me unseen
from eyes that ask incessantly.

Keep me from questions
with answers that reveal too much.

Keep me dignified.
Keep me filled what little I have left.

Keep me sane.
Keep me the same.
Keep me collected.

Keep me close.
Keep me comforted in my sleep.

Keep me from harm.
From the monsters in my bed.
From the demons in my head.

Keep me safe...
  6d redinblue
Grant me forgiveness.
For my mouth had acted prematurely
and erred.
Acrid words my tongue can't retract.
My lips quiver,
pursed and scared.

Grant me relief.
For my ego had lunged.
Fueled emotions that strayed.
Sensible thoughts in mind
that my heart had betrayed.

Grant me strength and courage.
Let the next morn's sun,
illuminate the dark obstinacy of my heart.
Allow this bitter turbidity to pass.
So I could walk the hard road,
to a brand new start.
Sometimes words carry more venom than fangs.
And often, the path to absolution lies first, in forgiving oneself.
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