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sara Sep 25
Night- When I love being in your arms
Day- When I wake up and realize you are 300 miles away

Dark- When I can pretend you are here next to me
Light- When I see nothing but empty space

In my Head- We are not with each other
In Reality- We were never split apart
sara Sep 25
You are in my dream,
clear as day,
almost in reach.

I am running towards you,
your arms are open,
there is that rare smile on your face.

I did it,
we are almost there,
its not that long.

A clock falls from the sky,
ticking slowly,
the one thing keeping me from you.

keeping me from waking up next to you every morning,
keeping me from holding you,
keeping from protecting you.

I'm still there,
as close as I can be with the obstacle in my way,
but I cannot do anything else but stay there wait.

I am waiting for the time to pass,
I see you fade away slowly,
I sit there wondering if your image will last.

Time is plentiful,
but days I get to be close to you,
they are limited.
sara Sep 24
I believe there is something I need,
but i think I lost it a long time ago.

I believe I could be better for the ones I love,
but i don't even know when i am trying my best.

I believe I am lucky in my life,
but I am afraid all I have is wasted on me.

Where did I go?

I cant tell if the emptiness i feel is half of my heart  healing,
or the rest of it going.

Am I getting better?

Am I getting worse?

I believe I will know,
just as soon as I find the other half of me.
sara Sep 18
Sometimes I feel out of place,
like I belong in another time .

I wonder why I was put here,
like I don't have a reason to be.

Than i look at you,
and it all feels right.
sara Sep 18
On a day i felt broken,
no piece of me left,
I found a finch on the ground,
it laid there lifeless,
heaven bound.

Not a breath in sight,
no songs were sung,
the bird was there,
but the music was gone.

I picked it up,
laid it on soft soil,
the life was gone,
but the presence was royal.

I felt a surge of energy,
I felt whole again,
I heard the songs,
they  were flying away earlier,
but the finch brought them back.
sara Sep 16
Your kiss
Your love
Your touch

They never meant a **** thing to you.

Your promises
Your words
Your arms

It was nothing but a **** lie

You saw me fall apart
You just stood there
You just drove away

It happened all over again

Nothing but...
just nothing to me anymore.
sara Sep 16
I'll wait for you like she could have.

I'll protect you like she should have.

I'll fix that heart of yours that she shattered.

I'll love you.

Just let me treat you like you deserve,
and i'll love you as long as you let me.
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