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 Jan 2014 Rahul Luthra
I am Ink
sweet blood of the
I **** the flesh of parchment with savvy strokes of timeless musings.
The poet is nothing without my inspiration to spur him forward forcing thought from mind into
visual conceptions of reality.
The written word is law and
I am law
We are one.
The ink ,not the pen, is mightier than the sword.
What is the pen without me?
The ink.
A wasted corpse
space used on a desk
to be without ink.
I alone am the soul of literature.
I alone raise words from the dead  minds of deceased philosophers.
My word has capsized continents
waged unwinnable wars
I do not discriminate
I have killed men women children.
I have breathed life into centuries.
I am eternity
I am ink.

Life ***** then you die,
try and laugh, no need to cry.
Everyday is a new beginning,
can't keep my head from spinning.
Life's a journey, not a destination,
waiting for my train at the local station.
Same ole ****, different day,
always do things your own way.
Don't you hate when that happens,
food on face, with no napkins.
Try walking in someone else's shoes,
it doesn't really matter who's.
Don't worry, be happy,
no need to be snappy.
Always do as your told,
that cliche is getting old.
Another day, another dollar,
midgets are people too, just smaller.
Don't bite the hand that feeds you,
unless of course it's filled with poo.
You can't always get what you want,
but when you do, always flaunt.
Every rose has its thorn,
why does **** look like corn.
Find the light at the end of the tunnel,
I badly want a mistletoe belt buckle.
Don't know what you got, till it's gone,
if you got brains, you don't need brawn.
Love will find a way,
I once heard a band say.
Fame is only fifteen minutes long,
where you're at, is where you belong.
Friends come and friends go,
but it's family, you will always watch grow.
There is always a mountain, you must climb,
everyone will commit at least one crime.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it,
if you have a son, buy him a baseball mitt.
Only believe in what you see,
bad things always happen in three.
Don't always believe what you hear or read,
red blood, is what we all bleed.
Knock, knock who's there,
before you open, please beware.
Knick, knack, paddy, whack,
all girls love a good *** smack.
Money don't grow on trees,
in life there are no guarantees.
Today I walk,
hesitating and scared.
All the way I wonder
will I be spared?
At home stay them,
those loved ones
who debate within
imagine me chased by guns.
Today is the day
all my folk are silenced,
taken for granted,
eternally fenced.

It is me,
the voice
of the women who surrender,
those very women, victims of the thunder.
those very women
whose bodies have been scarred,
those very women
whose lives have been marred.

By what means,
By what reason
Am I exploited,
maimed by treason?
Who gives menfolk
The power to ****?
To ******, to remove
the dignity I drape?
I have every strength,
I have all you do.
In fact much more
and rationality too.

All I declare,
all that I make clear
Enough is Enough,
Do you hear?
I've given you more
than you've ever deserved.
Gone are the days
I acted reserved.

This shall not be repeated
so get it right.
Touch me and beware
of the wrath of my might.
An Ode to Nirbhaya and all the other nameless victims of our nation.
When a friend forgets,
the world crashes around you.
When a friend forgets,
you feel despair brew.
When a friend forgets,
joy into sorrow turns.
When a friend forgets,
your insides agonize and burn.
When a friend forgets,
Life seems unfair.
When a friend forgets,
you no longer can bear.

For it was that very friend,
whose shoulder was yours, to cry on.
That very friend
who made dusk seem like dawn.
That very friend who held your hand.
The very friend who helped you float to land.
From the very depths of distress
the one who helped overcome all stress.

Today that support, my sole strength is amiss.
What can I do to try and erase this?
All I can do is hope and pray
while trying my best to keep the tears at bay.

— The End —