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Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
So many humans around
Yet very few who understand
Because connections
Of the soul
Is what matters the most
You might talk
To 1000 people
A day
But only a handful
Might really
Understand you
And those are the people
Who you can
Trust blindly
Soul mates aren't
Always about
It's also about
Those souls
Who connect
With you
On a level
That only you
Can define
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
My roommate says
That I should write
Longer poems
But, bro
You need to understand
That emotions
From the heart
Have no word limit
And sometimes
Even words
Need not be spoken
To understand
Matters of the heart
Love has no limit
It should have no boundaries
It includes a little hate
But also, everything nice
Be it a hug
Or a sponsored chicken curry rice
Three words can cover it
And sometimes
Even a poem isn't enough
But nothing and no one
Can break such a bond
That's forged in ******
From above
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
There's no end to it
'It' being life
It goes on and on
With you
Or without you
Names don't matter
Nor do actions
Because in the kind of
That we live in
We each serve a purpose
That's mostly not our own
And we're perpetually in the midst
Of this grind
Endless, nameless
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
What do you say
To a person who's dying
Do you console them
Or do you lie
By saying
Everything's going to be alright
When you know for a fact
That it won't
How does one deal with such
We all know,
Is inevitable
Yet we live in a state
Of ignorance
And face this matter
Only when it's time to
In a state of hopelessness
And despair
Because such a sensitive
And grave matter
Though it takes place
All around the world
All the time
Cannot ever
Be prepared for
No matter how sure we are
Of its existence
So what do you say
To a person who's dying
Will it be the harsh truth
Or consolation through lying?
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
The world's going to ****
While it's also
At its best
Living conditions do ****
But at the same time
It's at its most luxurious
It really does depend
Upon the observers perspective
And that's why no one
Can ever be right
There's always going to be chaos
And mayhem
Between the haves and have nots
And funnily enough
There can never be a true distinction
Between the two
Mentioned above
There's always going to be
A sort of
Among each
Of society
So, to be honest,
Who's the real judge here
Who's the real observer
And at the same time
No one
Because no one
And nothing
Lasts for ever
The concept of time
And the energy
That it
It has its own ways
Of slowly,
But permanently,
Laying the dust
On any sort of
Rahul Luthra Sep 2018
He came into my life
Without any warning
I didn't know
Of his existence
A week ago
Whereas today
He means the world
To me
And I,
To quite an extent,
Feel responsible for him
I won't say my world has changed
Because of him
But it has indeed
Become a happier place
Everyone is supposed to
Live their lives
For themselves
But there's no denying
That there's a different beauty
To life
When it's lived
For someone else
So even though life's
Quite the same
It's more bright
And colorful
With the induction
Of this newest
Family member
And even though I will
Be leaving you tomorrow
I know I'll see you soon
Whilst you grow
And are nurtured
Under the care
Of one of the most
Responsible person
That I know of
My love for you
Is on another level
I'll see you soon
My Tasmanian Devil
This is for my brother's new pup
Rahul Luthra Aug 2018
Don't know what to say
Can't figure out the next play
Can't get past formalities
This is one of life's great tragedies
A mouth to talk, a brain to think
But sometimes neither work
Without a drink
The silence is so long
That there is no choice
Than to break it
With another set
Of small talk
The conversation
Just doesn't seem to fit
People just don't seem to click
And one feels forced
To follow societal norms
By indulging in
Small talk
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