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Syahmi Imran Oct 2014
Dark, less-light, on warm-pale blue canvas
Bare firmly into the deepest aperture of gaze
Purely immersed -- strange and impatient

In certain I questioned
Is it real what I'm seeing or
Am I even sleeping?

Through prosperity it exists
It bounced with no ground below it
And it collapsed with no peak above it

At times it hits like a kiss
Once in a while it came like a twinge

It is so lovely yet sometimes so weary
As bliss and joy it brings, it gets ignored and undoubted.
Syahmi Imran Apr 2014
On the loneliest rail and road
Is where I could see the foggy mountains
As on the trip I stare at the most smoky sky
Is where I could feel my mind at peace and calm

Of questions and imaginations.

On the widest field of grass, being greenish I layover
Is where I could see a figure of your perfect look
As the stars beaming down and as the moon illuminating away
Is when I feel like my heart beats a pound and my chest pumped a gun

Of butterflies and flowers.

And in the deepest hole of heart
Is where you unfold your love and passion
As you're lying down unfurl your affection and addiction
Here I'm sitting, giving, sharing, and holding

*On hopes and an unstoppable benediction.
Syahmi Imran Dec 2013
It was dark, deep and wise
A pond of thoughts poured with pain
A man, who tried to walk out of a landscape of disguise

There was a note
Left unexplained, messy and wrinkled
That desires smile, talk and action

But the pencil is broken
Into a piece of selfishness
Cracked, burned and unwritten

Somehow he knocked
Somehow there's answer
Somehow there's none

It was filthy, beautiful or even cruel
Lost in a snap of fingers
In between imagination and existence
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