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max May 2021
You always used to tell me
How much you didn’t deserve me
Like it was a good thing
But in reality you just deserved so much better.
max May 2021
In a world
Where being one in a million
Is a bad thing
Because being just one
Of a million things you love
Is a sad thing
max May 2021
I have spent
My entire life
Trying to figure out
How to be everybody else
To the point where
I don’t even know who I am anymore
max May 2021
I just wanted to thank you
For existing

Even now
That your existence
Is over
max May 2021
I haven’t spoken a word
In several hours
Nobody has noticed
They do not care
They enjoy my silence

They only notice me when I annoy them
max Apr 2021
I gave her the moon
And every single star
As a token of my adoration
And she gave me
In return
The one freckle
On her nose
That I always stated at
And admired

As a thank you for the blazing center of the sun
And my charred skin
She gave me the eyelash
I swept off of her cheek

In reply
To my manny sonnets and songs
Commending her on her beauty
She gave me the single
Glistening year
Soft and dewy as it cascading down the curvature of her porcelain skin
And settled on her lips

The ones I will kiss one last time
Before they are kept six feet away from
Underneath my toes

The toes that still twitch in pain at the memory of the hot coals I walked on when she was busy kissing him.
max Apr 2021
You are the picture that paints 998 words because ‘I’m sorry’ just isn’t in your vocabulary
I dont even know dude
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