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2.0k · Nov 2018
your name
putiira Nov 2018
if they say a one-word poem,
i'll write your name...
1.7k · Nov 2018
putiira Nov 2018
the song i put on my tongue,
the poem i whispered to my pen,
the love i breathed in my heart...
1.2k · Dec 2018
beautiful connections
putiira Dec 2018
eye contact and a smile
it’s where those beautiful connections begin...
1.1k · Mar 25
Sunset reflects
putiira Mar 25
Sunset reflects
on what dawn never knew...
964 · Jan 25
will burn you
putiira Jan 25
Love is like fire.
It can warm you and brighten your life.
Be careless and play with it,
and it will burn you.
941 · May 18
What if
putiira May 18
What if
what you're looking
for finds you.
938 · Feb 21
darkness to light
putiira Feb 21
If I don't write,
if you don't read,
love doesn't live,
how do get make darkness to light?
putiira Feb 24
If you like cherry blossom flowers that live in a stars,
it's nice to look the spark diamonds at night
and stare at the Milky Way sky at night...
725 · Apr 15
Need a window
putiira Apr 15
Everyone needs a window,
you can sit in front
and forget everything.
722 · Jan 18
what they
putiira Jan 18
True love is not about what someone says
or tells you in great sentences,
but what they do for you and what they feel for you,
Tell me about happiness...
698 · Dec 2018
my favorite book
putiira Dec 2018
your mind is
still my favorite book
to read...
678 · Dec 2018
always remember
putiira Dec 2018
always remember to talk to yourself
like someone you love...
673 · Feb 24
you fill the test
putiira Feb 24
You can't fill the water of all the seas in a test,
but when you fill the test, the sea is water...
650 · Jan 4
Hate me
putiira Jan 4
I will let you
hate me
if that's easier
than loving me...
630 · Jan 28
Don't say
putiira Jan 28
Don't say "impossible",
it hides the possibility of even the word impossible
594 · Mar 14
Open Heart
putiira Mar 14
to read a book
is to close a book
page after page...
554 · Jan 8
the darkness collapses
putiira Jan 8
Hope to trust in the light within,
when the darkness collapses everywhere...
538 · Mar 10
Water flowing
putiira Mar 10
Like water flowing in a light,
I'm feeling inside of me...
471 · Apr 21
putiira Apr 21
The hope for renewal
as the sun rises
and a new day begins
451 · May 12
Our ending
putiira May 12
There was no end
in our ending.
447 · Apr 27
Being me
putiira Apr 27
Somewhere along the way
I just got better at being me.
436 · Feb 7
Ink searches
putiira Feb 7
Pen to paper,
ink searches for you...
422 · Dec 2018
paper and pen
putiira Dec 2018
i am a sheet of white paper
very light and sacred
and you are the pen
full of some untold stories
you know that paper and pen are meant to be together
so i gave you all my body and soul
for you...
407 · Feb 13
putiira Feb 13
Tattoo yourself upon my heart
with the ink of your fiery passion...
406 · Jun 4
My secret note book
putiira Jun 4
You're my secret note book
full of empty pages.
401 · Mar 14
Write the lines at heart
putiira Mar 14
When meaningful feelings
Write the lines at heart
Life will become book of verse
Bouquet of flowers
and garden of heaven...
401 · Dec 2018
you can imagine
putiira Dec 2018
if you love me in your heart,
you can imagine
what i'm going through...
putiira Jan 6
Doubt talks a lot, never shuts up.
The heart is in silence,
but it always tells the conscience of the word...
386 · Dec 2018
touches your heart
putiira Dec 2018
if you miss someone you've never touched,
it's because someone touches your heart...
putiira Jun 3
I love the beauty
of logic almost as much as
the mathematics of a sunset.
372 · Apr 30
Will be
putiira Apr 30
I will be your sunshine daydream
if you will be my starry night.
362 · Feb 18
putiira Feb 18
If you're still alone,
don't worry,
God is protecting you from someone...
359 · Feb 3
putiira Feb 3
It is a poem, mankind,
not every poet is destined to write...
348 · Jan 11
a storm and a rainbow
putiira Jan 11
Even if you were a storm,
I wouldn't stop being a rainbow...
346 · Apr 30
Quiet and deeply
putiira Apr 30
Without hurting anyone
Just like
It's like pouring the rain into the surface,
Quiet and deeply.
345 · May 9
A story my own way
putiira May 9
I fell in love with
words not yet created and
wrote a story my own way.
343 · Feb 21
I did it
putiira Feb 21
When something bad happens to you,
don't get hurt, close the window.
Keep watching and loving life through another window.
I did it...
339 · Nov 2018
my wings
putiira Nov 2018
i found the trail of my wings in you
map of my dreams...
335 · Feb 11
my soul is free
putiira Feb 11
Sometimes your smile is filling my lungs,
I feel my soul is free...
325 · Jan 30
putiira Jan 30
Sometimes people with the worst pasts,
writing pieces of your soul to strangers
and end up creating the best future...
320 · Jan 21
I’ll find
putiira Jan 21
If there is poetry left to write,
I’ll find it in your eyes....
316 · Feb 15
The good old lantern
putiira Feb 15
I am the lantern
The good old lantern
But so much is damaged
Dumped in heaps of abandoned...

Do you remember me, the lantern
The good old lantern
Gave you a good inspiration
Of light in darkness
The dark foot path we traveled
As a helper...
312 · Dec 2018
a second chance
putiira Dec 2018
life always offers you
a second chance.
its called tomorrow...
306 · Dec 2018
your darkness was the light
putiira Dec 2018
your darkness was the light
that has been missing
in my life...
300 · May 23
A safe place
putiira May 23
You found
a safe place
in me.
300 · Feb 7
the voice of the rains
putiira Feb 7
You embrace the rain
and the voice of the rains opens one day...
292 · Nov 2018
a distance
putiira Nov 2018
people are better at a distance
like millions of miles away...
292 · Mar 18
another page
putiira Mar 18
is another page...
279 · Apr 4
Basking in the glow
putiira Apr 4
Basking in the glow
from the light
of your soul
279 · Nov 2018
it takes
putiira Nov 2018
it takes four to move and wander.
it takes three to be the reason to stay awake.
it takes two to grow the love and to survive.
but it only takes one to make it all happen.
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