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putiira Nov 2018
no miles between us,
i'm only a chill distance...
putiira Jan 27
It is a delicacy of the heart,
to make you feel
that you are valuable to a person...
putiira Nov 2018
people are better at a distance
like millions of miles away...
putiira May 19
Dance on me until
a galaxy blooms there.
putiira Dec 2018
if you know how i want it,
to be at your bedside like a glass of water...
putiira Mar 18
Consider a heart; in me.
Think of a love; inside me...
putiira Nov 2018
it's not a little.
i'm thinking,
there's a joy in me...
putiira Feb 15
I see a candle burning
I hope you see it too
For it shines in me and you
I see a candle burning
A light not colored blue...
putiira Apr 10
Let’s be honest
We’re all a little broken inside
But it’s ok
That’s how the light gets in...
putiira May 21
Sometimes we need a little fog
in our life to remind ourselves
that everything isn’t always as clear as it once seemed to be.
putiira Jan 22
Come inside,
and bring a little Milky Way with you...
putiira Nov 2018
let's go do a little tongue dancing
under the milky way...
putiira Apr 15
I'm a milky way fan
My wings are the world,
My words love
Telling myself tales...
putiira Dec 2018
isn't it a miracle to smile
on the face of a heartbroken person?...
putiira Dec 2018
looking over my life
i wish there were a moment in time,
when i had become all
i ever dreamed I could be...
putiira Jun 3
Let a new place change you,
come back different.
putiira Dec 2018
i wish i could find a place.
a place that doesn't remember you...
putiira Dec 2018
i was a question
for myself...
putiira Feb 3
A quiet Sunday morning,
My soul is like a timeless season...
A quiet Sunday morning,
Today I want to love you like a sea of calm, unhurted...
putiira 4d
Drown me in every last drop of your essence.
Let me feel your energy rushing over me
surging like a river through my veins.
putiira May 23
You found
a safe place
in me.
putiira Dec 2018
life always offers you
a second chance.
its called tomorrow...
putiira Dec 2018
if love is a deep sea,
writing is a silent miracle...
putiira Nov 2018
who could have guessed
that a small pen could change the world?...
putiira Nov 2018
hello with a smile
can go for mile...
putiira May 7
Meet me in the middle of a song
that never ends.
putiira Jan 11
Even if you were a storm,
I wouldn't stop being a rainbow...
putiira May 9
I fell in love with
words not yet created and
wrote a story my own way.
putiira Dec 2018
someone who is
a thousand miles away
yet feels like home...
putiira Jan 17
It has been seen that
a word changed the life
of a person...
putiira May 26
Remember that many blessings
that add color
to your life are
the only dreams of others.
putiira Jan 25
Alone we remain amazing.
But together, we are something truly special.
putiira Dec 2018
always remember to talk to yourself
like someone you love...
putiira Nov 2018
the words i write for you
from the depth of my heart
are neither read by you
nor it reaches your heart
because am just a dust...
putiira Nov 2018
someone just create an earthquake
in your heart...
putiira Mar 18
is another page...
putiira May 15
Appreciate the gravity
of every breath between
hello and a first kiss
putiira Apr 15
How is your life going on?
Ask someone who lives.
putiira Apr 21
When with someone who is at home in nature,
you realize how much is in plain sight that you simply don't see.
It is a humbling experience, full of wonder.
putiira Dec 2018
at one point, i looked over the heart,
it was written in love at one end,
the other end was the right...
putiira Feb 3
If you stop at the right time,
everyone understands when the sun rises...
putiira Apr 4
Basking in the glow
from the light
of your soul
putiira Apr 16
Any day can be a new beginning
because none of us know
when it’s going to be the end.
putiira Feb 16
Be brave and show your true self
to those who deserve to see...
putiira Dec 2018
love who you like
but be happy with all your heart...
putiira Apr 7
Wake up
It is a new day
and you can be okay
just living in the now...
putiira Jan 3
The world has lots of nice people.
If you can't find one, be one...
putiira Dec 2018
according to myself
i find beauties that live...
putiira Dec 2018
eye contact and a smile
it’s where those beautiful connections begin...
putiira 4d
Beautiful people and their ability
to renew the most tired spots of our soul.
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