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putiira 18h
I didn't run away,
didn't hide,
I know how to be at edge
Still save myself
To live by the Sun
and love like the Milky Way

I'm in that corner of poetry
in pieces torn apart by a heart
To drift with leaves
and fade like stars
Don't look for me now
Through my words
putiira 18h
Feel me like a soft touch
Let me be
The one in your
moments of weakness
feeling your magic
Your presence

Think and you
take over my soul
My breath, from me
Just think and perfume my soul
even if you're not here
The softness of your voice
Turning your words
into warm caresses on my skin
18h · 83
A path of verses
putiira 18h
There's a path of verses
that I designed for you
I shake the sky
When I write for you,

A kiss? I've kissed you
in each verse that
You inspire me,
in each smile when
we cross each other,
When you surround my soul
with Feeling
whisper my love in my ear
My soul shivers under
The sun of dawn
putiira 18h
If Im filled with dreams,
If I see myself with light,
You only saw my eyes
Not emotions
Hidden in them,

Tonight with the Milky Way
I'll make poetry between
your soul and mine
My dreams which I hide
In the corner of my eyes,
Our souls will embrace
with feeling and
merged until dawn
2d · 67
The sun at dusk
putiira 2d
Fall softly in my sky,
like the sun at dusk.
putiira 4d
Love is not always
about intense conversations.
Sometimes it's all about a simple
"how are you feeling today"
4d · 55
Magic grows
putiira 4d
Always keep
that little place
where magic grows inside you,
4d · 133
The light inside
putiira 4d
For all the light inside
keep on going.
putiira 4d
How do you say
“I Love You”
without using words?
7d · 102
The unknown
putiira 7d
Walk into the unknown
like you own the place.
Jun 16 · 767
putiira Jun 16
Go where
your imperfections
are celebrated.
Jun 12 · 196
The silent river
putiira Jun 12
You have to listen for the music
that flows beneath the words,
then let go and drift on the silent river of longing
that flows between hearts.
Jun 12 · 267
A river through my veins
putiira Jun 12
Drown me in every last drop of your essence.
Let me feel your energy rushing over me
surging like a river through my veins.
Jun 12 · 98
I deserve
putiira Jun 12
Don’t worry.
I get what I deserve.
Jun 12 · 67
Than nothing
putiira Jun 12
Nothing hurts more
than nothing.
Jun 12 · 56
Beautiful people
putiira Jun 12
Beautiful people and their ability
to renew the most tired spots of our soul.
Jun 12 · 39
Collect moments
putiira Jun 12
There are still few
of us who collect moments instead of things,
who dream, who risk everything for love.
Jun 12 · 52
Your whole day
putiira Jun 12
Sometimes a smile from a loved one
can make your whole day,
even if you ain't the reason behind it.
Jun 10 · 70
Finding the courage
putiira Jun 10
Reaching for the Milky Way is easy.
Finding the courage to touch them
is the hard part.
Jun 8 · 117
Look at me
putiira Jun 8
Look at me
like I am the shining Milky Way
Jun 8 · 39
How much music
putiira Jun 8
I won’t know
how much music
is in your hands
until you touch me.
Jun 8 · 71
Less broken
putiira Jun 8
Want to feel beautifully human?
Make someone feel
less broken today.
Jun 8 · 200
putiira Jun 8
If it brings you peace and joy.
If it brings you Home,
fight for it.
Jun 7 · 125
Match mine
putiira Jun 7
I don’t need a perfect heart.
I just need it to match mine.
putiira Jun 6
Little things mean a lot to me.
I’ve built rooms
in my heart from little things.
Jun 4 · 415
My secret note book
putiira Jun 4
You're my secret note book
full of empty pages.
Jun 3 · 82
A new place
putiira Jun 3
Let a new place change you,
come back different.
putiira Jun 3
I love the beauty
of logic almost as much as
the mathematics of a sunset.
Jun 2 · 40
Hope it storms
putiira Jun 2
You taste like rain,
and I kind of hope it storms.
Jun 2 · 207
Dreams fade
putiira Jun 2
Dreams fade
with morning light
but my heart still lingers there.
Jun 1 · 99
Can't save everyone
putiira Jun 1
You can't save everyone
but you can make them want
to save themselves
and sometimes that's enough.
Jun 1 · 59
Fall asleep
putiira Jun 1
You’re the only dream,
I want to fall asleep to...
Jun 1 · 151
Fill my smiles
putiira Jun 1
You are the only reason
that fill my smiles
with hopes of tomorrow.
May 30 · 157
putiira May 30
The mind found clarity
Soul seeing the truth
Allowing the heart to finally release.
May 29 · 64
Like I wait
putiira May 29
I wait for you
like I wait to
see the sunset.
May 29 · 241
Breathe anew
putiira May 29
And so,
We begin again
Breathe anew
For what else is there
But another moment
May 28 · 120
You uniquely perfect
putiira May 28
Your flaws are part of
what makes you uniquely perfect
by yourself
for that someone.
May 28 · 55
The song wind
putiira May 28
Let me be
the song wind whispers
in your ears.
May 27 · 40
Seeks a home
putiira May 27
I hope
when your love seeks a home,
it finds me.
May 27 · 40
The whole damn sky
putiira May 27
You were not only her sun or the moon,
you were the whole **** sky
with all of its colours and constellations.
May 26 · 54
Add color to your life
putiira May 26
Remember that many blessings
that add color
to your life are
the only dreams of others.
May 26 · 89
Your battery
putiira May 26
Making someone else smile
can help recharge
your battery too.
May 26 · 56
Faith in love.
putiira May 26
you'll be someone's restored
faith in love.
May 26 · 32
Not just the stars
putiira May 26
That someone who makes you believe
that you deserve the whole sky
not just the stars.
May 26 · 73
Done is done
putiira May 26
What is done is done,
yet we keep breathing life
back into it.
May 26 · 62
Measure your life
putiira May 26
Measure your life
by the moments
that make you feel alive.
May 25 · 97
Love from afar
putiira May 25
Sometimes all we can do is love from afar and sometimes that is enough.
May 23 · 303
A safe place
putiira May 23
You found
a safe place
in me.
May 23 · 70
Tasted the storms.
putiira May 23
The rainbow feels more beautiful when you have tasted the storms.
May 23 · 67
The quiet wonder
putiira May 23
The quiet wonder of
what you’re listening to today.
Imagining the sweet song
of wind through leaves
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