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putiira 1h
The rainbow feels more beautiful when you have tasted the storms.
1h · 21
The quiet wonder
putiira 1h
The quiet wonder of
what you’re listening to today.
Imagining the sweet song
of wind through leaves
3h · 51
Write about me
putiira 3h
I always write about me,
but people see you in my words.
1d · 33
That's a keeper
putiira 1d
When you find someone who makes
you be honest with yourself,
every bit of yourself,
that's a keeper.
putiira 2d
Hide out in the shadows with me
Ride out life’s storms with me
Put on the record and dance with me
Celebrate the beauty of love with me

It’s. That. Simple.
2d · 184
A little fog
putiira 2d
Sometimes we need a little fog
in our life to remind ourselves
that everything isn’t always as clear as it once seemed to be.
putiira 2d
For just a second,
put your hand on my chest
and feel who I am.
3d · 162
It’s a lesson
putiira 3d
Our souls have a way of finding
what they need,
even if it’s a lesson.
3d · 97
It never rains
putiira 3d
I need you on rainy days
and on days when it never rains.
3d · 117
I catch my eyes
putiira 3d
Every time I look in the mirror
I catch my eyes talking
about you.
4d · 74
A galaxy blooms
putiira 4d
Dance on me until
a galaxy blooms there.
4d · 54
Soft words
putiira 4d
Kiss me with soft words
under a pink and purple sky.
4d · 829
What if
putiira 4d
What if
what you're looking
for finds you.
4d · 59
The orbit
putiira 4d
The orbit of your heart is someplace I’d always return to
putiira 6d
To make someone smile
could be a simple “How is your day?”
putiira 6d
We are full of flaws. All of us are typical imperfect humans.
And yet we can shine like flawless diamonds
if we are loved, encouraged, and supported.
putiira 7d
Appreciate the gravity
of every breath between
hello and a first kiss
putiira 7d
Those days
when there are no words
and no songs
to match the feelings within.
May 14 · 61
The lyrics
putiira May 14
I have all your words memorized,
like the lyrics to my favorite song.
May 14 · 71
Never ending
putiira May 14
Be someone's
never ending
light of hope.
May 14 · 120
The quiet magic
putiira May 14
Take me home, please
I need the quiet magic
of you.
May 13 · 55
The quiet space
putiira May 13
The quiet space between
a thought and a dream.
May 13 · 175
Live in your head
putiira May 13
Some days it is just easier
to live in your head.
May 12 · 57
The stubborn
putiira May 12
Some hearts are stubborn,
they continue to hope despite all reason.
May 12 · 63
Coffee and sunshine
putiira May 12
Coffee and sunshine
with that someone who makes you forget
about everything else.
May 12 · 422
Our ending
putiira May 12
There was no end
in our ending.
May 9 · 62
Day made
putiira May 9
Some gush of air
Few rays of sunlight
and colors of memories of you: Day made.
May 9 · 333
A story my own way
putiira May 9
I fell in love with
words not yet created and
wrote a story my own way.
May 9 · 80
You are a little more
putiira May 9
That someone who makes you feel that you are a little more than everything in their world..
May 8 · 71
Let's go and let go
putiira May 8
In between let's go and let go
there was once upon a time love.
putiira May 7
You are still with me
hidden in between all of my words
and sometimes that's enough for me to love you.
May 7 · 83
A song
putiira May 7
Meet me in the middle of a song
that never ends.
May 7 · 88
I want to be
putiira May 7
I don't want to be that star you wish for,
I want to be that Milky Way you've never had.
May 7 · 43
Finds home in you
putiira May 7
Hope you find home
in someone who finds home in you
May 5 · 61
Fit your life
putiira May 5
Sometimes you just have
to fit your life choices
in between your life happens.
May 5 · 143
putiira May 5
“ What is happening to me” ?
with “ What is this trying to teach me “?
May 5 · 58
Excites me
putiira May 5
You are everything good.
Nothing spoils you.
You just keep dancing.
You just keep living,
and that excites me.
May 3 · 86
putiira May 3
Flirt to remember
you’re still alive.
Apr 30 · 362
Will be
putiira Apr 30
I will be your sunshine daydream
if you will be my starry night.
Apr 30 · 337
Quiet and deeply
putiira Apr 30
Without hurting anyone
Just like
It's like pouring the rain into the surface,
Quiet and deeply.
Apr 27 · 438
Being me
putiira Apr 27
Somewhere along the way
I just got better at being me.
Apr 22 · 124
The richest man alive
putiira Apr 22
Specializing in the most lavish ways to worship your body,
making you feel
like the richest man alive.
Apr 21 · 41
At home in nature
putiira Apr 21
When with someone who is at home in nature,
you realize how much is in plain sight that you simply don't see.
It is a humbling experience, full of wonder.
Apr 21 · 460
putiira Apr 21
The hope for renewal
as the sun rises
and a new day begins
Apr 21 · 68
putiira Apr 21
You bring your words
And I'll bring the rest
Apr 19 · 76
Open your eyes
putiira Apr 19
Open your eyes
as wide a the Milky Way.
Apr 18 · 120
Take a new step
putiira Apr 18
In order to move forward you need
to go back to the place you got stuck,
the place where you stopped loving yourself
and take a new step from there.
Apr 16 · 71
Value the tears
putiira Apr 16
Value the tears as much as the smiles
for they both equally measure the best parts of you.
Apr 16 · 64
Be a new beginning
putiira Apr 16
Any day can be a new beginning
because none of us know
when it’s going to be the end.
Apr 16 · 29
The thunder and rain
putiira Apr 16
I love the thunder and rain
and the way the sky explodes
reminding us that we are alive.
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