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May 23 · 72
Music can’t touch
putiira May 23
There is no part of me
that music can’t touch,
and I’m grateful for it
putiira May 23
The only thing of value you’ve ever owned is now
and you keep trading it for the nothingness of yesterday
or the emptiness of tomorrow
putiira May 23
We are at the beginning
of something lasting
putiira May 23
The writing is for my heart
The lyrics are for my head
May 20 · 395
putiira May 20
Maybe time couldn't heal you
because you didn't let it
May 15 · 111
Into the night
putiira May 15
The sky is full of words
we thought we'd kept inside,
but no, they slipped into the night.
May 14 · 652
My direction
putiira May 14
has no dominion
over my direction of you
May 8 · 488
Sometimes I
putiira May 8
Sometimes I breathe through my words
Sometimes I bleed through my words
May 4 · 144
Touches water
putiira May 4
The way sunshine touches water,
that's how I feel about you
Apr 30 · 133
The black and the white
putiira Apr 30
An open mind will see
all the colourful hues of life
breathing between
the black and the white
Apr 30 · 143
Your true people
putiira Apr 30
One of the greatest things about music is
that the more honest you are about your taste in it,
the faster you find your true people
Apr 30 · 300
A little of your light
putiira Apr 30
If you ever leave me,
can I keep
a little of your light
to shine on my
lonely nights.
Apr 26 · 97
putiira Apr 26
Know your worth.
Know the difference what you’re getting and what you deserve.
Apr 22 · 101
Just a canvas
putiira Apr 22
Your words are just a canvas
take me to your exquisite mind
where the beauty is encompassed
Apr 22 · 78
putiira Apr 22
Thunder rumbling
rain falling gently
watching you sleep
Apr 20 · 108
If you fall
putiira Apr 20
When you fall
if you fall
fall this way
fall for me
Apr 19 · 95
putiira Apr 19
All I have is the sky
and this longing to be anywhere
but here
Apr 14 · 87
Lose sight
putiira Apr 14
Never lose sight,
of a dawn
That awaits
your smile.
Apr 14 · 288
The quiet longing
putiira Apr 14
The quiet longing of the Milky Way,
when everything is mysterious and endless, and all the stories
that have yet to be born.
Apr 10 · 119
On and off
putiira Apr 10
Music On
World Off
Apr 8 · 79
Lost track
putiira Apr 8
I’ve lost track of time
but I’ve never lost hope
of you finding me.
Apr 8 · 338
putiira Apr 8
Your words touch me in places
I didn’t even know existed.
Apr 8 · 1.9k
My heart broke
putiira Apr 8
The thing I am most grateful
for is that when my heart broke,
it broke open.
Apr 8 · 143
A way
putiira Apr 8
The truth
always finds a way
to bloom.
Apr 7 · 111
putiira Apr 7
When the sky is this blue,
I believe in
every possibility
even you.
putiira Apr 6
I wonder who comforts the Milky Way
when one's feeling dark.
Apr 6 · 293
Be a prisoner
putiira Apr 6
be a prisoner of your past.
putiira Apr 6
If I fell in love with you right now,
I might never find my way home.
Apr 6 · 182
Two books
putiira Apr 6
Two books, a window,
and a sky full of rain
Apr 6 · 101
I forgot
putiira Apr 6
For a moment, I forgot.
And it felt good.
Apr 6 · 146
They’re our things
putiira Apr 6
When all the little seemingly
meaningless things are everything,
because they’re our things.
Apr 3 · 115
You see in me
putiira Apr 3
You are all the beautiful things
you see in me.
Apr 3 · 290
I anything less
putiira Apr 3
I am nothing more,
nor am I anything less.
I am, as you are
Apr 3 · 141
Paint colour
putiira Apr 3
When you can’t find inspiration
come find me instead,
I will paint colour
on your emptiness
Apr 3 · 75
No need
putiira Apr 3
Some days
I am yearning to be understood
most days
I know there is no need to
Apr 2 · 120
My face today
putiira Apr 2
I felt the sun on my face today
and my soul smiled.  
More of that please.
Mar 29 · 79
Beautiful chord
putiira Mar 29
You are
the most beautiful chord
I have ever
wanted to play.
Mar 29 · 60
putiira Mar 29
Your words,
like watercolor paintings,
where the shades
blend so perfectly,
into the midst
of one another.
Mar 24 · 155
putiira Mar 24
I am the rhythm
without a rhyme.
Mar 24 · 285
Your unsent
putiira Mar 24
Let me
read your unsent
love notes.
Mar 24 · 62
Without touching
putiira Mar 24
The way you hold me
without touching.
Mar 24 · 139
For a minute
putiira Mar 24
Let us find a place where we can hide away
from the madness even if it’s just for a minute.
Mar 24 · 64
The whole forest
putiira Mar 24
I've been telling the trees about you
and now the whole forest is in love with you.
putiira Mar 20
Let us agree
to form a habit of this;
you will continue
day after day
to bring me grief,
and I will continue to smile.
putiira Mar 20
You are both,
the closest, and farthest,
to my mind.
And, when my mind
wants to run,
far away from you,
it's thoughts, finally,
end up in you.
Mar 19 · 176
As stepping stones
putiira Mar 19
Don't carry your mistakes around with you.
Instead , place them under your feet
and use them as stepping stones.
Mar 19 · 104
Make sounds
putiira Mar 19
Clouds don’t usually make sounds
but they make the sky look silently beautiful.
Mar 19 · 78
I’m not just a place
putiira Mar 19
Fall into me
I’m not just a place
I’m your place
Mar 19 · 103
A Sanitizer
putiira Mar 19
If they treat you
like Corona Virus,
be a Sanitizer
putiira Mar 19
Please don’t ever go back
to anything you had
to pray your way out of.
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